Vectorworks 11.0.1 Fixes:

Issue IDTitleBuild Fixed
032127DXF import of MText will fail for multibyte characters like Japanese if one of t0
032903Magic Sheets have the wrong size arrowheads when the document units are set to millimeters.0
033061Sometimes unable to create new tools or palettes in the Workspace Editor when running Vectorworks in Mac OS 9.x.x.0
034002Switching between DXF Import Options tabs, 'Paper Space units' gets changed0
034274Exported SYLK worksheets crash Microsoft Excel31579
035882Reference Marker doesn't align text when scale is changed, doesn't redraw proper0
036260For certain fonts, the font name gets corrupted on EPSF export on OSX.30173
036289Resource Browser thumbnails appeared differently for different textures.0
037119VW crashes when a non AutoCAD file is imported as a DXF/DWG file0
037150When the font is set to a Japanese font and an English character is entered into a text object, the font will automatically change to Arial.31015
037444Model to Floorplan goes bonkers in the bug file.0
037615Moving texture using the attribute mapping tool always grabs texture by center29964
037858Vectorworks will incorrectly report that its' serial number is in use when the IP address of the computer changes.0
038223Can't edit texture resource using selected extrude along path object30300
038418Special characters displaying incorrectly on Windows in several places30157
038419After localizing strings on the DXF import dialog, two of the group boxes are not drawn correctly.30156
038420Special characters are displayed incorrectly in the titles of the object properties and object creation dialogs.30174
038427Window symbols don't render correctly with NURBS29879
038493Flipped objects render dark in ArtRW30300
038576Notes Manager: Key. Leg. on sheet layer messes up rise of keynotes in anno. grp.30606
038614Solid operation of sweeps created form circles with sweep angle less than 360 fail.30185
038638Changing a property of a text object with a text control on the object info palette causes a second image of the text object to flash on the drawing area.31024
038646"Export-Worksheet" has problem. (SYLK)31579
038648Rounded rectangle appears in drawing while in double click creation dialog.30148
038651When creating a new custom dimension, after entering a Japanese name on the Assign Name dialog, the OK button is still disabled. You need to then click in the edit box to enable the OK button.30159
038654"Convert to 3D Polys" command deletes inserted symbols and Plug-in objects30485
038662Tab order for controls in Mac dialogs with multi-line edit boxes is incorrect.29815
038688Swept and Extruded lines cannot be given a fill color.30486
038697Special characters display wrong in a path on the batch conversion dialog30157
038728Rulers not updating when using Zoom In /Out Tools in Interactive Mode30147
038730Attribute Mapping tool changes modes if switch to a different view or a different tool.29964
038746Texture thumbnail in Resource Browser is shown black if you exit dialog quickly30300
0387571-bit images, imported from DWG/DXF file, do not look as expected0
038761The help text of pan, zoom in and zoom out for Edit Texture dialog messed up30300
038765Multiple symbol instances with the same symbol definition lose transparency when rendered in OpenGL.29964
038778Create standard viewports creates site layers at wrong scale29840
038799Roof Framer, Beam Extends through the roof.31555
038816Bearing Lock Nut-3D fails when rendered in dashed hidden line rendering29879
038832Attribute mapping tool improperly has two repeat modes for object with mask tranparency shader.29964
038834Attribute mapping tool is improperly enabled for image prop.29964
038843Path Plug-in Objects like Stipple are inserted into walls rather than being placed adjacent to walls which is preferred.31210
038844Plain tranparent object looks darker in export image than on screen29964
038850Mixing with image prop, textured object can lose its texture after using object info palette to change texture mapping parameters.29964
038851No OpenGL interactive rendering available for the model mixed with textured objects and image props after texture mapping is changed through object info palette.29964
038859Selection Handles not showing correctly after duplicate and mirror and undo30153
038863Create Standard viewports does not retain it's preference settings29840
038864If Standard Naming has been used to specify AIA/NCS class naming standard, which renames the None class to 0, when you run Create Standard Viewports, a new None class is created.30898
038876Click flip texture horizontal and vertical buttons doesn't flip textures in the right direction when texture is rotated beyond certain angle.29964
038893Task Manager produces a VectorScript error if there are no sheets or sheet layers in the drawing.29983
038895Progress bar is unhelpful when rendering viewports.30300
038936Out of date viewport update before print is too extensive30149
038938Extrude end cap is not colored correctly when it is not textured.29964
038954Place Plant Tool.VST: New definition, plant tool does not recognize setup need29809
038958Place Plant Tool.VST: Pickup Mode has redraw problem and deselects tool29809
038960VectorScript: EP objects settings fail from dialogs on like-named layers30441
03898511.5 - Exported Viewport opens up very small in AutoCAD200431467
039005Dynamic zoom leaves screen artifact with loft by rail tool29859
039019Place Plant Tool.VST: Set to first plant in Catalog after adding new plant29809
039020Place Plant Tool.VST: doesn't draw plant after adding to Plant Catalog29809
039023Place Plant Tool.VST: Default Settings are not properly displayed in the dialog29809
039024Edit Plant Catalog.VSM: Canceling Plant Data insert still inserts text in dialog29809
039025Edit Plant Catalog.VSM: Canceling Plant Data insert still adds row0
039026Place Plant Tool.VST: Canceling Plant Data sets Tool Settings to first plant29809
039030Find-Replace-Text doesn't work with Japanese text30158
039037Right clicking to select an object does not always show it selected in OI pal0
03904011.5-TestFile when exported to AutoCAD2004 DXF opens oddly in AutoCAD200431467
039039Artistic RW Options renders in wireframe if None class has no fill30300
039041Edit Texture uses by class for fill color if by class is the document default30300
039064Import dxf failed on the attached file29881
039076DoMenuTextByName calls have to be localizable.0
039112Import/Export of SAT file drops objects from drawing29881
039122JBC: Typo in the Create Standard Viewports Preferences Dialog29840
039142The Windows COM call "CloseDocument" doesn't function.0
039144Place Plant Tool.VST: Plant tool changes placement mode incorrectly29809
039147Difficult to resize texture following mouse move with attribute mapping tool.29964
039149File fails when exporting to SAT29881
039155VScript Error after inserting a callout object ( Japanese OS)0
039165Regression- Transparency render makes the app quit but not in v10.529879
039181Round Wall Tool, changing placement mode, after initial point placed, crash30151
039211Splayed skylight miters of a roof changes to vertical miters when opening a document that contains a roof with this skylight type.0
039215Export EPix/Piranesi should tag materials with meaningful names30300
039217Tab controls, check box group boxes, and radio button group boxes did not display umlauts correctly.30049
039231AME: Shell Solid Tool crashes if a Extrude Along Path Object have 2 profiles29879
039235Frame lines in attribute mapping tool are not drawn accurately for spherical and cylinderical mapping.29964
039264Machine Screw (Inch)-3D fails when set to UNF and Show Threads29840
039272AHA: (5) 2D representation of a rafter.vso is doesn't match local needs30119
039276AHA: (3) Position of plates need an additional value (Roof Framer)0
039278AHA: (2) Rafters are not drawn as a closed object0
039279AHA: (1) Rafter.vso should create a 3D solid as a sub object (solid addition)0
039284AHA: (4) Flush beams are drawn wrong (Roof Framer)30119
039285AHA: (4) Collar ties are drawn wrong (Roof Framer)30119
039286AHA: (3) Beam style joists are drawn wrong (Roof Framer)30119
039287AHA: (4) The board object (vso) should be hybrid for better 2D representation30119
039293AHA: (2) Connections of purlins are mostly ugly (Roof Framer)30319
039321VScript Error after editing revision block in Drawing Border - ME29983
039322JBC: GetFileN fails to locate the correct directory in Mac OSX29829
039325AME: Site Model command and Roadway(NURBS) PIO works restricted in localized VW0
039368Editing transparency shaders results in color noise in texture preview30300
039379After the Set Screw (Inch)-3D object is placed into a drawing, you cannot change the size to anything other than 3/8.29840
039387Export EPix/Piranesi doesn't work if file is in Plan view30300
039392SKU number in the Cost Data for plants is not transferred to the plant record0
039398Setting font styles (italic, bold, etc) in the worksheet using the Format Text dialog is broken.30541
039404Large legacy file freezes application30154
039407NURBS Roadway with only 2 points does not send to surface properly0
039412Documents with bitmaps can become corrupted if they are reverse translated from VW11 to version 8 and are then used on an opposite platform (ie. Mac/Win).30186
039418VW crashes after inserting a center mark in a rectangle, then undo, then exit VW30529
039419A image of an object will appear in the drawing when the class is changed in the object Creation dialogs (ie. the dialog from double clicking on tool).31542
039420Create polygon & polyline dialogs allow adding 3rd vertex but not deleting it31016
039426When a new Worksheet is created and put on the drawing from the Resource Browser, previously selected objects are still selected in addition to the Worksheet.30489
039432In Japanese version, the Export VectorScript command may write a file that fails to Import because of certain double-byte characters in a worksheet name.30346
039438Japanese text object drawn incorrectly when test file is opened30339
039448Selecting items while holding down the Control key in Batch Print causes the icons to disappear. Mac Only.30427
039473Extrude caps are not rendered correctly in OpenGL in black background.29964
039479Text following a cropped viewport may fail to print (Mac)31027
039484The Helix-Spiral creation dialog did not properly check for invalid values.31587
039487VW crash when closing after using Volumetric Properties on object in TestFile30441
039493Split Tool crashes VW when used within TestFile30184
039495Difficult to move texture following mouse move with attribute mapping tool.0
039502Duplicating a cropped viewport can cause unusual crop editing behavior.30167
039508With vector cacheing on, rounded rectangles with unconstrained corner radius values will appear with the horizontal radius applied vertically and vice versa.31541
039510The field "Fit to Page" was changed to "Constrain to Page" and its function was changed also. Now, instead of changing the size and location of the grid to the page size and page center, when the parameter is selected the size and location of the grid cannot be changed. Only after deselecting the parameter can the size and location of the grid be changed.29983
039512Changing the font of a plug-in to a Japanese font fails on OSX.30179
039518In Japanese VW11, when exporting EPSF, if the user chooses to export text as bitmaps (for printing compatibility) the EPSF may still fail to print due to fonts.30146
039521On the cavity setup dialog, a hatch with more than 1 level is drawn incompletely31014
039522Interactive Zoom In/Out may not update screen with Hardware Navigation pref. on.30147
039524Hardware Navigation image is incomplete if focus moves to another application30081
039530Joining overlapping walls using the capped T mode is joining the wrong end.30542
039531On the OIP data pane, Japanese characters do not always appear when entered.30181
039538Order by SKU clears SKU when there's an error0
039545On certain dialogs, new Japanese text cannot be selected with the mouse30181
039564If you click on the drawing with the text tool, you set horizontal alignment to center, you enter text, you select it all with ctrl-a (or cmd-a), you hit the delete key, then you enter more text, the alignment has changed to left.31015
039579First redraw after changing active class/layer is slower with Vector caching on30102
039580Users need a pattern scaling checkbox in print dialog (Mac)31049
039581Hardware navigation can become slow if user performs certain actions30162
039582Tile command fails if the origin is offset.29983
039583Icelandic characters do not display correctly on OI Palette popups30175
039584Icelandic characters do not display correctly on Resource Browser popups.30175
039585Icelandic characters do not display correctly in the databar class & layer menus30175
039586Icelandic characters do not display correctly in the document titlebar.30175
039587Icelandic text will not display correctly if created on the other platform.30176
039589AHA: First and last rafters (when framing a roof) have a wrong bearing height0
039592AHA: Too many purlins are drawn when framing a roof29914
039594Select all does not work inside of a text block.31054
039595When editing text with the text tool and using the arrow keys, sometimes the cursor location indicator is not redrawn properly.31214
039596Mirror of a Viewport is shifted from where it is supposed to be.29860
039599AHA: Roof objects become invisible when using line thicknesses less than 1mm29912
039602Import DXF/DWG fails to overwrite a file of the same name31013
039612The GS_CreateWall SDK call does not undo correctly.30089
039613The VectorScript function GetOSVersion returns 0 instead of 10 for MacOS X.30418
039615The Document Setup command was not initializing the drawing border correctly.29982
039617On the Mac, undoing any VW pref change turns autosave off.30727
039620Roof and Wall bounding boxes are incorrect after viewing Viewport layer30937
039625Hidden line rendering is getting wrong results in certain perspective views.30163
039630The edges in some viewports are not selectable30300
039634OpenGL crashes on rendering objects made of some de-generated geometries.30165
039647AHA: Spans of rafters are wrong if hips and valleys are drawn at the same time30123
039648AHA: Some rafters are not mitered correctly if hips and valleys are created30123
039649AHA: The position of purlins in horizontal direction is wrong (RoofFramer)30212
039656The page boundary of sheet layer is not snappable30300
039661AME: Command "Volumetric Properties" write units twice under some circumstances30441
039662AHA: Too less purlins are drawn if a roof contains more than 2 roof faces30317
039663AHA: No purlins can be created if the roof is more complex (Roof Framer)30317
039664AHA: Connections of purlins are drawn wrong (Roof Framer)30317
039667DXF import of ACIS solids generates temporary .sat files30140
039670Dimension texts are not scaled about the correct point when thetext scale factor is input from the advanced properties in the object info pallete of a viewport.30938
039676The SDK function GS_ScaleObjectN doesn't work if the object is not selected.30571
039684In a sheet layer, if you choose a 3D too, you will see a warning in the mode bar only if the display minor alerts in the mode bar preference is turned ON. If the preference is not ON, there is no alert message displayed - which is confusing.30443
039689Cast and receive shadow checkboxes are not updating the texture preview when editing textures.30300
039690Placing a Ceiling grid over a wall inserts it into the wall0
039699Cut, Copy, and Paste does not work within text blocks on Mac31054
039701If a Japanese text object is set to wrap text and has more than one line, when you do TrueType To Polyline, the text will start a new line at the wrong location.31018
039703Double clicking on a VW file fails to start VW if the filename contains a Japanese character and one of the character's bytes has the value 5C.31021
039712The file popup menu in the Resource Browser (Macintosh) doesn't display Icelandic characters correctly.30175
039713Viewport creation does not warn users when layers have different scales30300
039716Changing the scale of perspective viewports from OIP produces wrong results30300
039721In some situations, the viewport annotations disappear. You can only see them when you enter the viewport. This happens whenever the active class is invisible when you first enter the viewport to add an annotation.30300
039725Texture mapping widgets are improperly positioned when object info palette is resized.30497
039726Part selection is missing on object info palette when multiple objects with multiple texture parts are selected together.30497
039736"Import VectorScript" sometimes fails when comment contains Japanese chars31020
039741JBC: Copying selected text in a text text block fails using keyboard.31054
039749VectorScript ConvertToNURBS function not returning the handle to the group.30384
039750VectorScript ConvertToNURBS function placing original object into group.30384
039752The Group boxes in "Engineering Properties" dialog overlapped when localized.30898
039753The fields in "Material Note" dialog do not display correctly when localized.30441
039755Japanese title on "Select a Notes Database" dialog displays incorrectly on Mac31017
039757Help strings in Edit Texture dialog are not correct.30300
039759Symbol containing solids does not render correctly in VW 11 compared to VW1029964
039763Dimensions from sheet layer are not exported correctly if an user origin is set31463
039761Batch print to file will only create/overwrite one file on the Mac.31054
039765Edit Texture preview in evaluation version renders with offset progressive blit30986
039768When the Vector Caching preference is on, changing the Black and White Only preference with Vectorscript doesn't update the cache, so the drawing appears unchanged.0
039771Crash when editing preferences with a rendered underlying document.30848
039774For viewports, the dashed hidden line preferences dialog has no help text.30490
039775Crash when opening two rendered documents by dragging and dropping onto the application.31054
039777MAC: short-key copy-paste doesn't work wih text31054
039782Fit to Window should include the outer boundary of the sheet layer gray area30940
039783Crash when editing textures of plug-ins in walls.30848
039791AME: edit by double click behaviour does not work for (SDK) PIOs in walls31220
039793Part selection dialog in attribute mapping tool can not select a part for a wall with right and center parts textured.30497
039794For certain Japanese names for a symbol, custom selection fails to select a symbol instance with that name.31020
039797Sometimes setting class of multiple walls containing windows will crash.31277
039798no paste text31054
039801Using a clip Tool on lines, les resulting lines are deselested.0
039809Batch order should fail if no dongle id or license number0
039821Crash when rendering overhead door plug-in in Final Quality or Artistic RW modes.30129
039823It is not possible to snap to a hidden line rendered viewport, objects in a sheet layer that overlaps with a viewport boundary, and to a viewport referencing a design layer containing a group having layer links.30940
039824With the Vector Caching preference on, the image of a polyline in the drawing is not updated when the arc radius of a vertex is changed with the Object Info palette.31406
039829Hidden line rendering is incorrect for some overlapping duplicate symbols.31181
039859Can not edit an add module order in the cart30674
039860Batch order of Add Module uses incorrect license number30673
039861Records attached to objects aren't getting spell checked.31052
039863"Edit" option should not be available for "fulfilled" orders0
039864Admin "View" pop-up selects the wrong item0
039879Exit button not wide enough for Japanese equivalent of "Exit Viewport"31117
039880Edit hatch dialog has wrong help when cursor over hatch view blank space31025
039892Locked viewports can still have 2-D projection flag modified from OI palette30939
039917Japanese text shown wrong on palette titles and resource browser menus31318
039923Viewports become out-of-date when you click on the Render Settings button in the object info pallete of a viewport and hit OK.30939
039925Rendering Custom RenderWorks with textures turned off results in white rather than colored objects.30848
039932Hidden Line rendering in perspective gets curved objects' profile edges wrong.31000
039942Japanese characters entered in a worksheet are drawn in the wrong place31023
039944Lineweights from some 2004 files do not import correctly.31468
039945Crash in saved views with RenderWorks render mode when RenderWorks is not installed.30848
039962With Vector Caching on, objects in symbols or pluging objects that are placed far away from the origin may disappear when zooming in.31201
039990DXF import - ACAD arrow head's scale and leader lines import problem0
040004If you open a v10.5 drawing that contains detail bubbles on a layer whose scale is not 1, the bubbles change size when they are reset.31054
040029Space Object Created in Wrong Location0
040045Data Stamp does not maintain the proper size when placed in a Viewport.31432
040047With Vector Caching on, and Use Layer Colors on, objects in symbols may appear with incorrect colors if they appear on more than one layer.31201
040082Texture mapping dialog runs out of resources31006
040094I can not paste a text by text tool31054
040096Hatches always rotate in symbols when Vector Caching is on31113
040102An alert dialog, displayed when editing a Move Along Path camera animation via the Create Animation dialog, incorrectly refers to saved sheets when it should refer to saved views.31127
040119With Vector Caching on, after importing DXF/DWG, some objects will appear in incorrect positions.31176
040123Application version number for 11.0.1 is not correct on Mac or Windows31154
040133missing error message on bad SKU0
040139With Vector Caching on, when a hatch has both rotate in symbol, and rotate in wall options turned on, the display of hatched symbols in walls is incorrect.31113
040147AHA: Framing Members are always in the class "None" (Roof Framer)31221
040148Cabinet projection hidden line rendering gets curved objects' profiles wrong31181
040149AHA: Rafters with a double eave style are drawn wrong (FramingMember)31555
040170Viewport rendering preferences can get deleted accidentally31256
040186Wall ends does not fit to roof when using Fit walls to roof command in test file31471
040193DXF import @issue(MOJIBAKE)31603
040196Roof Framer: Collar Tie, large gap between Collar Tie and Rafter31555
040227Problem of "Degree" character on Windows XP31631
040232Fit Walls to roof gives incorrect results when rendered with OpenGL31462
040253DWG-exports to AutoCAD LT2004_MOJIBAKE31605
040255Mac 10.2.8 Japanese, DXF/DWG Import dialog too big at resolution 1024x7680
040260Text>Alignment>Top Baseline aligns text to the bottom baseline.0
040266Texture thumbnails are not shown in the Object Info palette's Render pane for Image Props.31536
040269Image-Prop texture preview is not visible on the Render tab of the OIP31536
040284Problem of "Degree" character31631
040286AutoCAD viewports in perspective view do not import properly31557
040302Windows version never exports bigfont to DXF31605
040444Document Preference - Black and White Only, Fill:Solid not Black.0
040458stipple PIO can't provide low enough density, has problems0