Linked Text Fix

This package contains a plug-in menu which fixes a problem caused when MiniCad 7 or Vectorworks 8 files are read into Vectorworks 10. If the original file contained symbols which used linked text to display data from an attached record, then the symbol will become unlinked and the linked data for such symbols will display incorrectly in Vectorworks 10.

There is no damage to the symbol itself, but the text within the symbol may display incorrectly. This plug-in fixes this condition by automatically relinking the text to the record for all symbols in the currently active file affected by this problem.

To install the plug-in, copy the included plug-in files to the Plug-ins directory in your main Vectorworks directory. On the Macintosh, the plug-in consists of just a single file, called FixLinkedText. On Windows, there are two files, FixLinkedText.dll and FixLinkedText.rsr.

Once the files have been copied, they need to be installed into the workspace using the Workspace Editor. Open the Workspace Editor, select the Menus tab, and click on the "plus sign" or disclosure triangle next to the File menu. The Fix Linked Text command should appear in this list. Drag the Fix Linked Text command to the File menu in the right pane of the Workspace Editor (refer to your manual if you need further assistance in using the Workspace Editor.)

How to use:
Once the plug-in has been inserted into the workspace, it will appear as a command in the File menu, called Fix Linked Text. Whenever a MiniCAD 7 or Vectorworks 8 file is opened that contains symbols with linked text, simply invoke the Fix Linked Text command from the File menu, and all linked text will have their links restored.

Permanent Fix
NNA considers this to be a temporary fix for users that have already experienced this problem. A permanent fix will be included in a Vectorworks 10 maintenance release scheduled to be available in 4 to 6 weeks.


Download for Macintosh (109K)

Download for Windows (65K)