Product FullReportedInVersion FullFixedInVersion Description for Release
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 8.0.0b14 10.1.0b Better support for localization of SDK Plug-ins. Two names may be specified for each parameter.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 9.0.0a16 10.1.0b Create and make a Roof into a symbol leaving the instance in place. The bounding box/selection handle for the roof-symbol is way too big.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 9.0.0b10 10.1.0b Split tool fails on symmetric ovals. Draw a circle using the first mode (oval) on the mode bar. While drawing, make sure the smart cursor says, "Symmetric". The Split tool will not work on the object drawn.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 9.0.0FC2 10.1.0b Open the test file. Select the 'Connect/Combine Tool'. Select the 'Dual Object Combine Mode'. Attempt to connect the black line to the blue line. The original black line is deleted.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 9.0.0FC2 10.1.0b Combine into surface
Combine into surface does not work when 2D conversion Res is set to "High" that rectangl was doing two corner vartex to filleted.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 9.0.1FC 10.1.0b In the Create Roof dialog if you change the Eave Profile to any other option besides 'Double', the Vertical widget/field does not gray out. The radio button grays out but the widget appears as though it can still be edited.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 9.5.1b3 10.1.0b 1. Create a roof from walls. Organize --> Create Symbol
2. Options button --> check Convert To Group box. Select the Symbol Insertion tool.
3. Insert the newly-created symbol. Insert another one and another one if you'd like.
The roof symbol is not inserted properly as if nothing is inserted.
If you actually double click the pan tool, the roofs you inserted will be deleted!!

MiniCAD/Vectorworks 9.5.1b5 10.1.0b If I split the given polyline by line where the endpoints of the line are the two loci in the given test file, if does not split properly. You may have to zoom in to see the error, but once you do so it is quite apparent. The polylines to the right of the central polyline show the result I'm getting.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0d (9007) 10.1.0b When exporting an image file using the Marquee method, the Width and Height in pixels are not being displayed properly on the DataBar. This only happens when the document window is not fully maximized.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 9.5.1 10.1.0b Reflective and refractive shaders render speckly in Renderworks mode with NURBS turned on.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0d (10109) 10.1.0b Network serial number checking isn't working on Windows XP. Other platforms are working okay.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0d (10256) 10.1.0b 3D Reshape of Nurbs Curves and surfaces:
The Custom data bar does not display the correct z value.

Grab the endpoint of the curve and drag it to the tip of the cone. When the cursor snaps to the top of the cone the Z databar still says "Z == 0"

Grab a vertex of a surface and the same effect is demonstrated.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (10868) 10.1.0b Select all the objects (2) in the file. Select Tool->Clip Surface menu item. The larger object is distorted. Looks like some control points are being dropped.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (11744) 10.1.0b If you draw nurbs curves with the nurbs curve tool, the behaviour of the constrain "Working Plane Constraint" is wrong. If you select the nurbs curve tool this contrain is always utomaticaly turned on and can't be turned off but the tool is behaving as if the constrain is turned off (you can snap to vertexis that are not on the working plane). I think that the behaviour of the nurbs curve tool should be identical to the polygon tool.

According to our tests the tool behaves according to the status the constrain had before you select the tool. If you turn of the constrain "Working Plane" then select the nurbs curve tool, the cursor is snapping to points that are above or below the working plane (although the constraint palette is indicating that the constrain "Working plane" is turned on. The behaviourof the tool is correct and just the constraint palette is showing crap). If you turn on the constrain "Working plane" before you select the tool, you can't snap to points above or below the working plane (which is correct) and the constrain is turned on in the constraint palette. But now you can't turn the constrain off by clicking into it's icon in the constraint palette.

1. Open Testfile. Select the 3D selection tool. Turn off the constrain "Working plane constraint"
2. Select the "nurbs curve tool"
As you can see is the constrain "Working plane constraint" turned on.
3. Draw a nurbs curve from point A to B and C
If you rotate the view you will see that the nurbs curve is running through point B (which in my opinion is correct) but that means that the cursor snapped to point B which is not on the working plane. I think only the status shown in the constraint palette is wrong.
4. Delete the nurbs curve again. Select the 3D selection tool again.
5. Turn on the constrain "Working plane constraint"
6. Draw a nurbs curve from point A to B and C
If you rotate the view you will see that the nurbs curve is on the working plane (also correect)

7. Click in the contrain "Working plane constraint".

As you can see you can't turn off the contraint. If you want to draw nurbs curve that goes through point b you first have to select a different 3D tool, turn of the constrain "Working plane", select the nurbs curve tool again and then draw the nurbs curve.

MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (11751) 10.1.0b Selection handles are not completely cleaned up during split by line.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (11751) 10.1.0b Selection handles are not completely cleaned up by Add Surface sometimes.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0d (12097) 10.1.0b Record Formats don't display in the correct order, based on their names in Data Pane of the Object Info palette.

-Double click in the Resource Browser and select 'Record Format', followed by clicking the Create button
-Press New button and enter a name followed by clicking the OK button twice to close out of the Create Record Format dialog
-Repeat the above steps a few times
-Switch to the Data pane of the Object Info palette
-For some reason the formats are listed 4,3,2,1 and not 1,2,3,4

If you create one record format and just duplicate it in the Resource Browser, the order is retained.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 9.5.2 10.1.0b Find next mode fails if the Replace string is not empty.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (12059) 10.1.0b Find-Replace text does not report the number of found items correctly.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (12059) 10.1.0b Subject: Non English letters Bug!

Swedesh letters (Å Ö Ä) Does not show properly for Symbols name in RB. When typing in Create or rename it's OK on Win2000. BTW it's OK on MAC.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (12415) 10.1.0b The resource browser is not showing non-ascii characters correctly. I imported some from a DXF file and the symbol and record names are garbled, but if i try to change the name the edit dialog has the correct name so it's just a display problem for the resource browser. Name is ok in object info.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (12472) 10.1.0b The documentation for the VectorScript function GetLVis was incorrect in the Function Refernce. The function returns 2 for a Gray layer and -1 for an Invisible layer.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (12818) 10.1.0b If you attempt to create a tapered extrude inside an object (such as while editing an Add/Subtract/Intersect Solid), the extrusion does not align itself with the current view.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (12828) 10.1.0b "Combine into surface" command still seems to be pretty buggy. I would consider "combine into surface" to be one of the foundation commands preceeded only by line and arc.

I've attached a very basic example: It is made up of two perpendicaular lines and two concentric arcs. Select all and attempt to "combine into surface" the band between the arcs.

The resultant shape is pretty wacky - attempt to use the reshape tool or the obj palette to delete the errant vertices. There are several the obj palette buttons can't reach(the one at the intersection of the two line for example).

<Added by Geoff McBeath>
As you can see, there are actually three different surfaces formed:
the correct surface and two others. The two others do not exist,
according to the OI pallet. You can move the vertices on the two others around using the 2D Reshape tool, or delete/add them. However, you cannot select these objects. They are part of the main object but clicking on them doesn't get you anywhere. You have to click on the correct surface in order to select all of them.
Of course, there are work arounds, but this tool has had problems
like these for as long as I can remember. It would be nice to see it finally get fixed.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (12828) 10.1.0b The help text for the third mode of the Connect/Combine Tool is incomplete.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b (12957) 10.1.0b The dialog title for choosing location of the parent folder in Start Batch dialog can not be localized.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (12879) 10.1.0b 1. Draw 2 Nurbs Circle.
2. Do a loft. Loft Creation dialog box appears:
In this case, the Closed checkbox should appear that it is DISabled since it is not possible to create closed surfaces with 2 nurbs circle. Trying to check the Closed checkbox does not check it because it's by design. To avoid confusion, disabling this checkbox may be implemented for endusers.

MiniCAD/Vectorworks 8.5.2 10.1.0b After adding the two objects(0Add surface), the result is different to what we expect.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b 10.1.0b My earlier issues regarding "combine into surface" seem to be related to a more genral even more troubling core problem. I've been creating donut segments and noticing some inaccuracies and strange geometry.

For example draw a 50deg sweep arc with a radius of 3'6 and a second with a radius of 2'4. Both arcs have the same sweep and centers. It should be a simple matter to use the smaller arc to clip the larger to get a donut segment. The problem here is the donut radii are not exactly the arc radii. Oddly the donut edges are not made of a single arc segment but instead are made of two segments.

The sample file contains the two arcs, duplicated and one copy clipped. The dimensions tell the tale.

This is may not seem a big deal when the arcs are this big but when the radius is 50' or so the error can be a real pain in the ass.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b (13327) 10.1.0b Constraint "smart points" do not work while drawing polylines using the Corner Point mode. I The smart points only seem to work on the first, and second vertex.

-Turn on the Smart Points constraint
-Draw a polyline with several vertices using the 'Polyline by Corner Point" mode.
-Before you complete the polyline, visit some of the vertices created by drawing the polyline
-There are no Smart Points available for vertices after the second vertex

MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b (13446) 10.1.0b Center vertex selection handle of a NURBS surface doesn't move when its rotated or moved. Double clicking the Pan Tool will refresh the handle.

-Draw a rectangle
-Select Create Surface from Curves under the Model menu
-Set Move: in the Object Info palette to, 'Vertex Only'
-In the Object Info palette, change the U and V Degree from, '1' to '2'
-Check the Show Vertices option at the bottom of the Object Info palette
-Using the Edit U and V buttons in the Object Info palette, navigate to the center vertex
-Change the Z: value in the Object Info palette to 3"
-Switch to a Front view
-Now either move or rotate the object
-The center vertex selection handle is not moved with the object
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0 10.1.0b The balloon help for the split tool, and the balloon help for the connect/combine tool, do not say anything about what the tool does. They only say how many modes the tools have. This is inconsistent with most other tools.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b (13734) 10.1.0b Text size of Callout objects, assume the current text size setting. This happens when the Callout object/file was created using VWs 9 and opened in VWs 10 (build 13734).

-Open VWs fresh
-Set text size to 144
-Open the Test File (a Callout object created using VWs 9.x)

MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b (13734) 10.1.0b Using the Split by Line Tool will crash VWs if you start to draw the splitting line where a Polyline meets a Circle.

-Open Test File
-Select the Split Tool and switch to its second mode on the ModeBar
-Click first where the Polyline meets the circle (Smart Cursor should say, "Center")
-Stretch the line across and click the other side of the circle to finish the operation
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b (13734) 10.1.0b DataBar is not returning proper X,Y,Z values while reshaping a NURBS curve or NURBS surface.

-Open Test File
-Turn on the Show Vertices check box in the Object Info palette
-Select the 3D Reshape Tool
-Choose the Z-axis Constraint on the ModeBar
-Grab the center vertex of the object and move it in an upward direction
-Note the Z: height being reported in the DataBar
-Don't move the mouse and Press the Tab key
-The Z: height updates to a different value
-Perhaps its actually rounding the number up/down?
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0 10.1.0b Hide segment when walls in polybreak are in hidden or shaded rendering mode
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b (13805) 10.1.0b Reshaping an extracted surface from a Hemisphere object, will cause the object to disappear, or crash VWs .

-Open Test File
-Select the 3D Reshape Tool
-Choose to constrain along the X axis on the ModeBar
-Grab move the indicated vertex within the Test File to a new location
-VWs will either crash or disappear after the operation is complete
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0 10.1.0b Lights within plug-ins are not accounted for in the rendering.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0 10.1.0b Using export by marquee option on export image dialog, when the marquee tool starts selecting the export area, it is impossible to allow users to specify the width and height for the marquee rect. In other words, the input fields for width and height should be able to take user input and drive marquee tool the that extent.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b 10.1.0b SetObjectVariableInt(h1, 17, 12); should set the referenced dimension's font size to 12. It just returns an error on Mac OS9.2.2 in VW10.0.0.

Is the selector wrong perhaps?

MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0 10.1.0b Is it normal that now if we pan with the arrow keys we have to keep hitting the key in order to keep panning? I preferred the old way, less hitting the keyboard and mouse makes me happier, the old less is more philosophy.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (10256) 10.1.0b (11724) Layer criterias change when editing the criteria

1. Open a file containing different layers
2. Create a speadsheet, and make a list of objects (database row) with a Layer criteria(eg Layer = Layer 1)
3. Close the criteria dialog. Edit again the criteria using the dialog editor.
RESULT: The Layer criteria has changed and the compared layer has been replaced by the next Layer in the list (iyou now read: Layer = Layer 2)

MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (11284) 10.1.0b (11852) Extrude along path objects and tapered extrude objects are drawn incorrectly in layer links in certain situations.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (11751) 10.1.0b (11855) Changing a nurbs surface or curve vertex weight via the OI palette while rendered in OpenGL does not trigger a re-render.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 8.5.2b1 10.1.0b (11856) The polygon rendering modes occasionally draw faint lines at incorrect places.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b 10.1.0b (11880) On Windows, the Redo command does not work while editing text.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (11724) 10.1.0b (11934) The Resource Browser does not accept the first mouse click on a control.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b 10.1.0b (11952) WallFramer-generated studs do not render if they have angled cuts (if they are meshes rather than extrudes).
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0d (11953) 10.1.0b (12098) When you export the test file as DXF and then import it back in, VW freezes.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (11953) 10.1.0b (12135) The text above the export DXF progress bar does not show up on Japanese OSX.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 9.5.0a5 10.1.0b (12343) Crop rect doesn't show up in OpenGL interactive rendering.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b 10.1.0b (12345) The US format: Month-Day-Year used for specifying the result folder should be flexible so that it can be changed for European format: Day-Month-Year.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (12059) 10.1.0b (12375) Vectorworks serial numbers are not displayed with dashes.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b 10.1.0b (12429) HASP4 parallel port dongles are not recognized in Vectorworks on Windows.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b 10.1.0b (12429) The image resource should have a menu item that reads 'Apply', not 'Make Active' and the VectorScript resource should have a menu item that reads 'Edit' not 'Open'
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (12367) 10.1.0b (12471) Changing the class of a 2D object via the object info palette to a class that has a gradient fill set for it results in the 2D object having no fill.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (12206) 10.1.0b (12504) Make a file with some door and window objects, export it to DXF, then import the DXF file back into VW. The import will be very, very slow, much slower than in 9.5.2.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b 10.1.0b (12571) We detected a special character conversion problem.
It concerns the second Pop up from resource palette.

Item 10 from STR# 9010 (create resource in..) is "&Créer ressource dans" in french. On VW Windows, the "é" is not displayed correctly.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (12059) 10.1.0b (12595) Vectorworks scaling on the page setup dialog sometimes moves the page to a strange location.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0d (12472) 10.1.0b (12674) If you have a file or a folder with a name that is longer than 183 characters VW will crash when trying to batch convert it.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0d 10.1.0b (12674) Very long file names are not truncated for display in the Recently Opened Files menu item.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (12472) 10.1.0b (12680) Under create plug-ins, if no plug-in is selected and you press the strings button it crashes the program. This can be accomplished by creating a new pio, deleting this pio then pressing strings.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (12709) 10.1.0b (12796) Vectorworks crashes when changing the layer popup on the data bar when entered into a symbol when in Fast Renderworks rendering mode.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (12059) 10.1.0b (12830) The menu item, "Save A Copy As" should be grayed out in the demo version of VWs. Not to worry, it doesn't work. It should just be grayed out to match the other save options.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (12472) 10.1.0b (12838) If you change the layer scale, all dimension lines with a fixed length are wrong.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (12709) 10.1.0b (12844) Texture tab in object info palette displays the object as a "Plug-in Object" rather than as an "Extrude Along Path".
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (12472) 10.1.0b (12852) Zooming in very far in on a polyline can cause strange lines to appear and colors to invert.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b (12455) 10.1.0b (12861) If you try to create two parameters of the same type with the same name you get the warning "Resource string not found" instead of warning you that that name is already being used.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b (12455) 10.1.0b (12861) If you change the Type of a parameter to Pop-up from anything else, Vectorworks crashes.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (12472) 10.1.0b (12864) Export image in certain formats such as TIFF, the result image is not visible when viewed with MacOSX's QuickTime preview application.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0d (11754) 10.1.0b (12889) The Resource Browser controls are either disabled or empty when they should contain information.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (12472) 10.1.0b (12890) After running a Batch Convert, the rulers disappear from the active document. If you window shade the document or open a new document, the rulers return.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 9.0.0 10.1.0b (12903) Draw two intersecting circles. Snap a locus to an intersection point. Zoom in until the locus appears to be off of the circles. Select both circles, and do clip surface. Delete the circle that remains and look at the polyline. This polyline should have a corner point touching the locus, but it doesn't touch the locus.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (12059) 10.1.0b (12912) Draw two lines in a "V" shape and apply an angular dimension. Turn off the "Arrows Inside" option and drag the dimension text to be over one of the lines. You will get one dimension arrow on the outside and one on the inside.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (12472) 10.1.0b (12925) Drawing doesn't re-render after the Rot: (rotate) field in the Object Info palette is modified.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 9.0.1 10.1.0b (12929) The hatch command from the tool menu will not hatch a rectangle drawn with lines that have had the corners filleted...
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 9.0.1 10.1.0b (12942) When you zoom in on the attached file, the insulation object will disappear.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (12415) 10.1.0b (12957) Create a batch job out of a model in top plan view, launch the export image dialog, hit Update button, hit Render button for preview, then the model gets rendered in wire frame, instead of in batch render mode.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 8.5.0 10.1.0b (12957) Export image dialog:
The exported image for objects coming from layers with different layer scale has wrong bounding rectangle so that the image either looks too big or too small and objects inside the image may be shift and cropped incorrectly.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (12472) 10.1.0b (12957) The VectorScript functions HDuplicate and SetParent would cause a crash after an Undo in certain cases.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 9.5.2 10.1.0b (13007) 3-D polygons will not display or plot at some display/plotting scales when contained within moved layer links.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (12613) 10.1.0b (13101) Running the Vectorworks Viewer application causes the normal Vectorworks application to use the Viewer workspace the next time it is launched. (This is assuming the normal version has a workspace named Viewer in its workspaces folder.)
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (12472) 10.1.0b (13198) If an object if far away from the drawing center (the origin of the internal coordinate system), then the hatch command stops working.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 9.0.0 10.1.0b (13273) When a custom dimension is redefined, all existing dimensions that use that standard should be reset.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 9.5.2 10.1.0b (13282) The VectorScript Function Reference for VW 9.5 had incorrect entry for Date function options.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b 10.1.0b (13367) If you double click a text block to edit the text, its not possible to change the color of the text contained within that block.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b (13327) 10.1.0b (13403) Its not possible to 'Project and Trim' an object drawn using the Freehand tool.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (12828) 10.1.0b (13421) The CalcSurfaceArea() function does not work on nurbs surfaces that have been added or subtracted from. Also this function does not return the correct surface area for a nurbs surface.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b (13255) 10.1.0b (13429) After adjusting a vertex on a NURBS surface, the Project and Trim Tool did not work on the modified surface. Its not a problem with all NURBS surfaces, just this example.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b (13395) 10.1.0b (13436) Pressing the Delete or Backspace key does not deselect the previous chosen entity while using the Blend Edge Tool.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (12828) 10.1.0b (13481) An angular dimension can sometimes display as a complete circle.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0 10.1.0b (13486) The VectorScript function HDuplicate works on a 3D solid when run from a script palette but not from within a VS object.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (12415) 10.1.0b (13524) Japanese text on the Object Info palette for dimensions can become garbled if the system language is changed from English to Japanese after the Vectorworks application is launched.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b (13446) 10.1.0b (13538) Highlighted vertex appears in space, away from the actual object
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0 (13282) 10.1.0b (13563) Vectorworks 10 Series B just quits without warning when there are no HASP4 drivers installed.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 9.5.2 10.1.0b (13580) Polygon renderings are not always regenerated properly after the split tool is used.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 9.5.2 10.1.0b (13581) If you extrude an unfilled arc where the center of the arc is outside the bounds of the resulting extrude, the selection handle for the extrude does not get erased when the extrude is created.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (12472) 10.1.0b (13585) Symbol to Group would fail under certain situations.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b (13395) 10.1.0b (13585) Symbol to Group would fail under certain situations.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b 10.1.0b (13700) Convert to nurbs should work on layer links.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (12828) 10.1.0b (13774) Cannot change an object's Solid Pen Color while its rendered with either Unshaded Polygon or Shaded Polygon. Final Shaded Polygon works because you're asked if you'd like to re-render the scene forcing a render.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0d (11936) 10.1.0b (13791) Changes made to any of the 3 walls comprising a y join will cause the join to break, with the 'Auto-Join' preference turned on.

These changes include:
- Height, width and other OI palette stuff
- L Joining, using the join tool, to or from any of the 3 walls in the y join
- Resizing the unjoined end
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b (13327) 10.1.0b (13851) The 'Closed' polygon check box in the Object Info palette is not being updated properly when switching between opened and closed polygons.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (12828) 10.1.0b (13854) The corresponding Record Format for an object is not highlighted on the DataPane of the Object Info palette.

-Open TestFile, there are three objects
-Each object has its own Record Format applied
-Switch to the DataPane on the Object Info palette
-When you click on one of the objects, the incorrect Format is highlighted for that object
-The user has to manually click on the correct format on the DataPane to reveal its Record Format information
-For some reason, the correct information is displayed for the center object but not the others
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (12455) 10.1.0b (13855) The Delete button on the Working Plane palette does not work on Windows.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0 10.1.0b (13864) Open the test file
Open the debug dialog, (cmd -' ) click on the dump reflist button (should be about 7 items)
Switch to a 3d view, move the wall around a few times causing the 3D geometry to be regenerated.
Dump the reflist again there should be a dramatic increase in the number of polyline nodes (#116)
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0 10.1.0b (13864) Still have memory leak when rendering walls
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0 10.1.0b (13864) Hide strips when walls with polybreaks are drawn in 3d view
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b (13395) 10.1.0b (13868) All resource thumbnails become invisible within the Resource Browser when a document is minimized, then later recalled.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b 10.1.0b (13920) Double clicking while using the Radial or Angular Dimension Tool brings up the "Selected object has no edit behavior" message rather than ending the tool.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0 10.1.0b (13937) If a hybrid symbol is in a group, and you edit the group, the Object Info palette will always report that symbol instance as being 3D.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b (13805) 10.1.0b (13943) Editing a polygon with two vertical and one horizontal parametric constraints attached can cause a crash when the object is edited.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b (13734) 10.1.0b (13954) The object name displayed in the Date pane of the Object Info palette is not transfered when it is copied and pasted into a new document.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (12415) 10.1.0b (13972) Object Info palette doesn't update properly when switching between a Polygon and a Light object

-Open a new blank document
-Draw a polygon using the 2D Polygon Tool
-Insert any light source
-Select both objects
-Click the Toggle Multiple Selection Mode button at the top of the OI palette
-Click back and forth on the 'Previous/Next Object In Selection' arrows also located at the top of the OI palette
-You'll see the OI palette is blank after switching from the polygon back to the light object
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b 10.1.0b (13973) Paste in Place can appear to fail until you switch to the proper view.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b 10.1.0b (13977) NURBS surfaces do not visually move while using Nudge (Shift+Arrow key), past a zoom percent of around 14,000.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b (13734) 10.1.0b (14029) If a Layer names begins with a hyphen, the names are not displayed in the Layer drop down on the DataBar. Same problem with Class names also. OS X only.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b (13734) 10.1.0b (14042) On OSX. the Layer Setup dialog doesn't refresh properly after deleting several layers.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b (13734) 10.1.0b (14076) Performing any operations with the symbol Niv2 Wiga in the test file causes a crash.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1 10.1.0b (14076) Vectorworks would crash when displaying symbol placeholders.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b 10.1.0b (14083) Renaming a command palette in the Resource Browser does not change the title on the palette if it is open (you have to close it and reopen it).
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (12472) 10.1.0b (14084) I just updated one of my templates with 8 script palettes which we use to set up classes with colours for our architectural drafting and noticed that I can't make them as narrow as we could in 8.5. As soon as I try to modify how long they are (because the text is smaller) the width grows by around 50%, reducing the drawing area.
Is this normal? Is there a workaround? Any future plans to make script palettes dockable?
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 9.0.0 10.1.0b (14094) In the testfile, some of the dimensions have garbage characters.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b (13734) 10.1.0b (14118) Create a Blank document, create a rectangle, from the 'Model' menu choose 'Convert to 3D polys', then from the 'Tool' menu choose 'Decompose' - as a result VW crashes.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0 10.1.0b (14118) The program crashes when Section Solid command is used to section a solid with a self-intersecting NURBS surface.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b (13734) 10.1.0b (14123) If you use the Shell Solid Tool multiple times in a row, each of the objects remain selected.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0d (10320) 10.1.0b (14173) Trying to add the two solids in the given file fails.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (11589) 10.1.0b (14173) Adding the two mesh objects together within the test file causes one of the objects to disappear.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (12059) 10.1.0b (14173) Solid subtraction fails when the extrudes in the test file are selected.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (11953) 10.1.0b (14187) Tapered extrudes of polylines with arcs show cracks in the wireframe representation.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0 10.1.0b (14198) The WallFootPrint VectorScript command does not create the correct footprint for walls with more than one symbol in them.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 8.0.0 10.1.0b (14200) The new keyword INOBJECT will specify that a search criteria should look inside container objects (including Plug-in Objects). It is used in the Worksheet and VectorScript.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (12691) 10.1.0b (14280) Hatched arcs that are extruded are not closed properly.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b (13327) 10.1.0b (14281) Tapered extrude renders as a very large object in OpenGL and renderWorks modes.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b (14139) 10.1.0b (14291) CreateCustomObjectPath would fail removes a point from the path.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 11.0.0d (13454) 10.1.0b (14296) 3D symbols, used as Skylights in a Roof (but not as a Dormer), option Do not insert symbol set ON, and not used in other places get purged when Purge Unused resources procedure is accomplished. This causes a lot of asserts in debug - Roof still "knows" that skylights exist, but actually the skylights are missing.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (12828) 10.1.0b (14300) Section solids should explain why they can't be exited if you edit them and create what would be empty geometry.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (12472) 10.1.0b (14355) Rendered objects sometimes still show up rendered even after having their layer changed via the OI palette.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (13204) 10.1.0b (14360) Objects with pattern fill that are layer linked can lose their pattern fill in certain situations.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0 10.1.0b (14365) The "Decompose" command in the new vresion 10.0.0 does not decompose a polyline.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b (14139) 10.1.0b (14369) CreateCustomObjectPath works differently for polygons vs. polylines.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b (13636) 10.1.0b (14393) A NURBS surface that was given a thickness using the Shell Solid tool, did not Mirror/Duplicate correctly. The thickness, appeared on both the inside and outside of the object.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0d (9197) 10.1.0b (14397) Lights in symbols in walls don't affect the rendering.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0d (10881) 10.1.0b (14397) With multiple, texturable objects selected, double clicking a texture in the Resource Browser doesn't apply the texture to all three objects correctly.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0d (11444) 10.1.0b (14397) The render bitmap tool should draw the bitmap using solid fill while doing a progressive blit. Otherwise the transparent drawing makes the render operation much slower.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0d 10.1.0b (14397) Converting objects to 3D polygons doesn't preserve the separate textures applied to multi-part objects like walls and roofs.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b 10.1.0b (14397) The Widht and Height fields in the Image Prop dialog are not localizeable. They are limited to 8 characters.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b 10.1.0b (14397) The ray tracing recursion level shouldn't be less than 3 if transparency is being used.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b (14349) 10.1.0b (14502) Create a wall, and place a door or window in it. Look at it in iso view for clarity. Now blend one of the wall's edges (say, the top). The wall disappears, and only the edges remain (meaning front and back surfaces are gone).
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0 10.1.0b (14528) Filleted walls should retain their symbols.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b (14349) 10.1.0b (14532) Zoom depth is reduced when the Vectorworks Preference, "Show Other Objects While in Groups " is turned on.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (11751) 10.1.0b (14536) In black background, the paintbucket icon used for Combine Into Surface is hard to see, and the important part (the paint, important because it defines the selection area) is invisible.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0 10.1.0b (14554) You cannot y-join walls in Vectorworks Foundation.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0 10.1.0b (14582) NURBS curves don't show up in Renderworks modes with black background.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b (13805) 10.1.0b (14596) Bug Description: VW Crash with loss of data.
Steps: I was working on a file that was started using VW9.5. I had done some editing of this file in a previous session with VW10 without any problems. This time I was editing a wall intersection in floor plan.

I had just used the Remove Wall Breaks Tool to clean up the end of a wall and was about to stretch the wall using the 2D Select tool. When I clicked on the end of the wall the program crashed.

After I restarted VW and tried to open the file I got the following error message: "-39 End of file reached during Read"
"Attempt to read file -FSREAD" The file size is about the same as it was before the crash but most of the layers don't show anything. I can send you this file if you want to look at it.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b (14511) 10.1.0b (14600) Set layer scale to 1:50, set view to perspective, draw a sphere, nothing shows up except the selection handle, add a light, render in OpenGL, the sphere's front face gets clipped off, leaving a big hole there.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0d (11543) 10.1.0b (14608) Selection handles for meshes are not drawn or erased properly at times when a marquee selection is done.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0 10.1.0b (14617) When you flip a constrained linear dimension, it becomes unconstrained.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0d (10178) 10.1.0b (14627) The indicated wall and wall cabinet within the test file do not export to a .stl (Stereo Lithography) file. The file was originally created in 8.5.x.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0 10.1.0b (14646) On Mac OS9, double clicking on Japanese text can freeze the app.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0 10.1.0b (14655) Sweeps are limited to 3600 segments, so if the user attempts to create a more complex sweep, Vectorworks should explain why it refuses angle values that exceed this limit, and return to the previous values.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b 10.1.0b (14655) The VectorScript BeginSweep() function displays the wrong warning if the sweep parameters are larger than Vectorworks allows for sweeps.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0d (9104) 10.1.0b (14682) Options button does not work though it's clickable. When you click the Options button, nothing happens. It should work if it's clickable? If not available, it should be disabled then.

1. To duplicate, go to EDIT Batch Render Job dialog box.

MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0 10.1.0b (14682) Apple reported this bug while testing the compatibility for VW on OSX:

In Edit Mapping dialog when panning the object, the old area where the image sits doesn't get updated, grey background gets exposed. See the picture.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 9.0.1FC 10.1.0b (14683) In all Renderworks modes, shading may look different when a corner point gets added to the profile such as arc for extrude or sweep objects.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0 10.1.0b (14685) Some walls are being drawn in wireframe with incorrect height.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1 (14511) 10.1.0b (14721) Double clicking on text when other objects are selected causes a crash.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b (13538) 10.1.0b (14755) Textures applied using Resource Browser double-clicking do not have the correct texture size until the Object Info palette texture pane is selected.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 9.5.0a4 10.1.0b (14865) When opening a file with multiple layers in Renderworks modes, the images from those layers don't show up until those layers get manually rendered.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0 10.1.0b (14869) Put a PIO in a drawing then put in a rectangle. Give the rectangle a gradient, and modify the rectangle's gradient with the gradient settings dialog (from the ... on the attribute palette). If you edit the PIO and double click on the hand tool, you will see that the rect's gradient settings have been changed.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b (13734) 10.1.0b (14957) Shells created from shells may not render properly.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 9.5.1 10.1.0b (14974) Create a cone - shell inside with any resonable thickness with the conical face as the selected face - application crashes.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 9.0.0a10 10.1.0b (14990) Solid operations should not be exported in Vectorworks 8 files if they contain objects that could not be used in solid operations in Vectorworks 8.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0 10.1.0b (14993) Its not possible to snap to objects in a nested layer link.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0 10.1.0b (15003) If Acrobat Distiller 5.0 is left as the default printer within Vectorworks on Windows XP, the application will crash when a second document is opened.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0 10.1.0b (15034) Fixed bug where localized plug-in objects in an old drawing would not be recognized when opened in current version.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 9.0.0b6 10.1.0b (15065) Esc key can not cancel the progress of generating movie frames in Create Animation dialog.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 9.5.0 10.1.0b (15073) Vectorworks will crash when opening Drawing files that contain very large bitmap objects. (on the order of 100Mb)
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0 (13282) 10.1.0b (15087) Joining the walls in test file causes a symbol to disappear.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1 10.1.0b (15100) Walls with Y joins and peaks can crash the application on Windows.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0d 10.1.0b (15120) On OSX, when using flyover tool and OpenGL interactive rendering is not available, the drawing appears to be stuck and will not fall back on wireframe rendering until the mouse is released.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0 10.1.0b (15173) Export image out of a large drawing, white lines may appear in the middle of the final image.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b 10.1.0b (15173) In Criteria Dialog, choose Symbol and then click little button to get dialog with list of symbols. The preview icons are garbage.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1 10.1.0b (15362) Undo crashes VWs when used against the Red Line Tool.

-Draw a circle
-Select the Redline Tool and draw a rectangle around the circle
-When the Place Redline dialog is displayed, check the 'Attach the current selection as a sketch' option at the bottom of the dialog
-Click Ok to close the dialog
-When complete, undo the action and VWs will crash
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1 10.1.0b (15363) Windows move from their original position or appear to change size, after running the 'Update to V2 Objects' command against a VWs 8 file.

-Open the test file (originally a VWs 8 file)
-Go to Tool> Utility> Update to V2 Objects
-Answer, 'Yes' and 'Replace' on the next two dialogs
-I drew lines to reference their original position
-This happens with VWs 9 files but the objects only move about .75". Perhaps this is Trim related and is working as designed.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0 10.1.0b (15410) Cannot thicken a hemi-spherical NURBS surface.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0 10.1.0b (15411) This sweep crashes in SMTLib whenever you try to render it using NURBS, OpenGL or RW.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1 10.1.0b (15456) I can also confirm problems with the v2 objects converter. The attached file
was created in version 9.5.3. Open it in 10.0.1, convert to v2 objects, and
note the effects in the areas circled in color. It seems that small windows
have problems converting to the correct size. In addition, fixed windows
become sash windows. The doors circled in blue are incorrectly converted.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0 10.1.0b (15474) With the attribute palette set to a gradient fill, a rectangle created via double-clicking the rectangle tool does not appear to have a fill.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0 10.1.1 (15480) Shift-dragging an unselected 3D object with the 3D cursor crashes.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b (14349) 10.1.1 (15480) ModeBar text for the Line Tool is missing.

-Select the Line Tool
-The ModeBar should read, "Unconstrained single line."
-If you click the 'Constrained single line' button on the ModeBar, the text appears
-Switch to another tool, then back to the Line Tool and the text is missing again
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1 (14892) 10.1.1 (15526) The tooltip for resource items on the resource browser shows garbage if the resource name has Japanese characters.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1 (14892) 10.1.1 (15554) The titles for non-tool palettes (resource, object info, working plane and attributes) do not display Japanese characters correctly.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0 (15556) 10.1.0b (15623) Working Plane palette.
I could not Rename a Working Plane again by Rename button on Working Plane palette.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0 (15556) 10.1.0b (15623) Working Plane palette.

I could not changing a Working Plane by double clicking working plane name at list on Working Plane palette.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0 10.1.0b (15633) From the Create Plug-in dialog, the dialog that comes up when you press the New button is missing the icon for the include file radio button item.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0d (10868) 10.1.0b (15654) The value written in the script length field of VectorScript plug-in files is too large.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.0b (13204) 10.1.0b (15661) Export the test file to DWG, choosing the "decompose 3D" option. Crashes, apparently when writing dimension info.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 10.0.1b (13604) 10.1.0b (15664) Exporting a line with a circle marker to DXF with the "Export 2D Fills" option unchecked causes a crash.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 9.5.0 10.1.0b (15695) Edit the None class by turning on the 'Use at Creation' option, selecting a different pen color and choosing a different pen width. Draw a line and edit the Pen Color......Crash

We believe this has been responsible for some Windows attribute palette instability since Vectorworks 9.5.
MiniCAD/Vectorworks 9.5.0 10.1.0b (15697) I change all class pen colors to black (using a script) every time I print. The problem with this is that the breaklines regenerate
themselves according to the active layers' scale rather than the one they reside on. This results in breaks in the line that can be FAR too big or FAR too small.

Open the attached file, change the "Notes-Sheet" class' pen color
attribute and notice the break line sizes change.

In my case, this is a SERIOUS bug because the problem shows up at
print time and is sometimes overlooked until it's too late. BTW,
this bug is in earlier versions of VW 10 and in VW9.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT 10.0.0b (12059) 10.1.0b Redlines should support arc, bezier, and cubic smoothing points in their path objects.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT 10.0.0b 10.1.0b Create Polys from Walls

Deletes all walls not on the active layer when run. (I know this is not a fatal bug, however, it corrupts a document, which is an even more problematic type of bug.)
Vectorworks ARCHITECT 10.0.0 10.1.0b Model View Tool - When using the tool, linking a layer that has nothing on it or only 2D objects, a VectorScript warning occurs.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT 10.0.0 10.1.0b Drawing a grid bubble vertically and doing a "flip" on it causes the withness lines to go away.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT 10.0.0 10.1.0b Chain Extrude draws in 2D incorrectly if there is no "rib" object in profile group.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT 10.0.0 10.1.0b Create Standard Sheets - If you add 4 elevation sheets and then re-run Create Standard Sheets and change the number of elevation sheets to 2, the proper number of elevation sheets are present. But, if you run Create Standard Sheets again, there are 2 groupings of elevation sheets in the Sheets to be created box, one with 2 sheets and one with 4 sheets.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT 10.0.0 10.1.0b Under certain circumstances only a part of the datapoints are used for the representation of the site model. The rest of the points will be ignored. As soon as you move the datapoints and the page to the internal origin (origin of the ground plane) all datapoints will be calculated.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT 10.0.0 10.1.0b Large site models (sample file has 40401 points) cannot be calculated.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT 10.0.1b 10.1.0b Scaling algorithm that handles ID sym scaling doesn't work properly if the user origin has changed.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT 10.0.0 10.1.0b Create Rm Finish Legend....vsm

When creating a text block legend with the Create Rm Finish Legend
command, the first letter of each of the bold headings is not bold
(Ceiling, Wall, Base, etc.). OK on Mac OS9.2.2.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT 10.0.1 10.1.0b Create Standard Sheets - If classes are added to the LayerMap.G worksheet or the ClassNameStds worksheet but not to both, one of the following will happen:
(1) If they are added to the LayerMap.G worksheet, under some circumstances a VectorScript error will occur and Create Standard Sheets will not create any sheets.
(2) If they are added to ClassNameStds, the visibility of the classes cannot be determined nor will they be added to any sheets.

The same applies to layers and the LayerNameStds worksheet.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT 10.0.1 10.1.0b Create Standard Sheets - If all sheets are removed and no new ones added, none of the deleted sheet layers are removed from the document.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT 10.0.1 10.1.0b Create Standard Sheets - When the preferences dialog has None selected for the Drawing Border option, the main dialog should have the "Use Sheet Border" check box disabled and none of the sheets in the "Sheets to be Created" window should have w/Border shown.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT 10.0.1 10.1.0b Create Standard Sheets - If the data file, VA Setup, is missing, a VS error occurs instead of a warning message.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT 10.0.1 10.1.0b Create Standard Sheets - When you delete a sheet and one of the remaining sheets is high-lighted, the values for "Number of Sheets" and "Sheet Scale" are of the deleted sheet and not of the high-lighted sheet.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT 10.0.0 10.1.0b Doors and Windows should default to having the "On Schedule" parameter OFF -- this will reduce anomalous entries in door and window schedules. The ID tool needs to turn this property ON when you ID a door or window.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT 10.0.0 10.1.0b (2) Door Hardware Library....vsm

Adding custom fields to the VA Door Hardware record, then editing a set via the Door Hardware Library... command sees the last custom field missing its label.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT 10.0.0 10.1.0b (2) Custom Selection 2....vsm

Does not understand line weights via class weight. If you try to select all line weights less than 10 points for example, all line weights assigned via class (even 10 point and greater) are selected. This should not happen, whether by class or not, a 10 point line is a 10 point line and less than 10 should not select 10 point class lines.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT 10.0.0b (11724) 10.1.0b (11911) If a script uses SetCustomObjectPath to swap in a new path poly in a path object, and the user undoes the operation, the path object essentially becomes corrupt. The problem is that the undo operation does not restore the poly that was discarded by SetCustomObjectPath.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT 10.0.0b (11724) 10.1.0b (11911) SetCustomObjectProfileGroup
VectorScripts that use SetCustomObjectProfileGroup loose their profile when Undone and redone.
1)Create Tapered Extrude.
2) create a new profile object
3) run the following Script:

a := FSActLayer;
b := NextObj(a);
result := SetCustomObjectProfileGroup(a,b);
Vectorworks ARCHITECT 10.0.0b (12472) 10.1.0b (12521) Door.vso

Glazing Classes

The Window gives you the options of
Style-Glazing 1..3

The Door has

Should be
Style-Glazing 1..3
Vectorworks ARCHITECT 10.0.1b (14132) 10.1.0b (14196) Moving a portion of a wall after its been X-joined, leaves stray remnants of the wall behind.

-Open Test File
-Select and drag the indicated wall in an upward direction
-Also, try dragging the other half of the wall in the same upward direction, its not possible
-Although, you can move the in a downward direction
Vectorworks ARCHITECT 10.0.0b (5) 10.1.0b (15363) Create Spaces from Walls....vsm

Doesn't work so well if the spaces have been mirrored.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT 10.0.0 10.1.0b (15412) Sometimes empty dialogs would appear when using the "Delete" command in the DTM Processor.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT 10.0.1 10.1.0b (15581) Select a wall type with a brick.
Draw a wall.
Insert a door or window into it (door or window tool)
Change the interior and exterior trim to 4 inches.
Flip the symbol.
Zoom into the trim.

The cavities are flipped with the object.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT 10.0.0 10.1.0b (15591) Using the "No" button in the "delete DTM dialog" causes a crash.

1. Open Testfile
2. Choose the command "Delete" of the DTM Processor
3. Click the "No" button in the appearing window.

As you can see a stupid message appears saying "A name is required for the creation of a new class". And then Vectorworks needs a force quit.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT with LANDMARK 10.0.0b (11284) 10.1.0b If you cancel out of the Site Model dialog, a new layer is still created.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT with LANDMARK 10.0.0b (11284) 10.1.0b In using the setup sheets command:

1) All of the classes created show a white fill. For some things this is problematic (eg, 2dContours, Landscape-Spec and a few others).

2) Some of the other attributes do not match than of previous
releases. I have noticed this in the DTM classes.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT with LANDMARK 10.0.0b (12206) 10.1.0b Create Spaces from Walls

Needs a redraw to complete the operation. build 12206 WIN.

1. Create at least two layers, layer 1: walls, layer 2: empty.
2. Set the Layer Options to: ACTIVE only.
3. Go back to layer 1, execute Create Spaces from Walls and place the new spaces in layer 2.
RESULT: The active layer is automatically set to Layer 2 and the spaces are also created
in layer 2, BUT the WALLS in layer 1 are SHOWING up even though the Layer options is set to ACTIVE only. Click the PAN tool twice, and the walls go away.
I can duplicate if a demonstration is required.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT with LANDMARK 10.0.0b (12206) 10.1.0b Only one "new" layer should be allowed in the Site Model... Layers pulldown at a time.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT with LANDMARK 10.0.0b (12206) 10.1.0b When you change the symbol for a Plant Definition, the images don't update in the popup for the Place Plant tool.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT with LANDMARK 10.0.0b (12472) 10.1.0b Create Joists from Polygon

VectorScript Error appears:
Warning: _854_856 - Handle variable is NIL. Warning: _1602 3 - Handle variable is NIL.
Warning: _1602 5 - Handle variable is NIL. Warning: _1602 21 - Handle variable is NIL.
Error: _1879 _ 1881 - Index outside array limits.
1. Executing ' Create Joists from Polygon' pops the Create Joists from Poly.
2. Prompts user to pick 2 points to indicate orientation of the joists..
RESULT: VScript error appears because the selected object is not a polygon. We should handle this exception to avoid this VectorScript error.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT with LANDMARK 10.0.0b (12728) 10.1.0b Checkbox for 'Use same height as prev.' in 2D Polys to 3D Contours.. dialog is not selectable.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT with LANDMARK 10.0.0b (12728) 10.1.0b Grid Method Entry creates a grid of 3D loci, but does not properly set their elevations.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT with LANDMARK 10.0.0b 10.1.0b VectorScript errors when I place a plant in a straight line using any of the cluster modes.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT with LANDMARK 10.0.1b (13436) 10.1.0b Under certain placement conditions, the Place Plant tool generates a VectorScript error: "You must ALLOCATE the dynarray before using it".
Vectorworks ARCHITECT with LANDMARK 10.0.1b (13604) 10.1.0b Certain combinations of button hits in the Edit Plant Catalog dialog would cause the command to fail.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT with LANDMARK 10.0.0 10.1.0b When creating a plant definition for the first time, the Plant Preferenced dialog would appear. Changing settings in this dialog would have no effect.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT with LANDMARK 10.0.0d (11754) 10.1.0b (6) Corrected misspelled "Lanscape use" heading in Plant Reference Database dialog box.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT with LANDMARK 10.0.1b (13604) 10.1.0b (13992) The Object Info palette does not always describe an object as a 3D symbol immediately after switching from a 2D view to a 3D view.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT with LANDMARK 10.0.1b (13436) 10.1.0b (14529) The 'Create Spaces from walls' command can sometimes freeze the program.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT with LANDMARK 10.0.0b (12879) 10.1.0b (14739) The Simple Orbit Options dialog for create animation has too small group box for containing all three radio buttons.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT with LANDMARK 10.0.0b (11101) 10.1.0b (15412) On some files, choosing the "Site Model..." command will cause a crash.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT with LANDMARK 10.0.0b (11528) 10.1.0b (15412) Vectorworks will crash during the Triangulating process when trying to create a site model
1. Open testfile. In the testfile you will see 26 3d Polygons.
2. Go to Site Model. Do NOT check any checkboxes in the Site Model box. OK button.
RESULT: At 54% percent during the Triangulating process VW will crash. 100% repeatable.
VW AEC 111528 / OS X 10.1.5 / Carbon Lib 1.6
Vectorworks ARCHITECT with LANDMARK 10.0.0d (11612) 10.1.0b (15412) DTM > Cut and Fill

Cut and Fill fails on the test files. "A miscellaneous error has occured (20,1)"

Now select the straight road at the top of the drawing, and change its rotation from -3 degrees to -2 degrees, then re-run Site Model to update the proposed DTM. Now Cut and Fill works. What a difference a degree makes.

Now delete the other road objects, and return the straight road rotation to -3 degrees. (Or open 28729 DTM Cut and Fill Re-run Site Model to update the proposed DTM. Now Cut and Fill fails with a different error. "An error occured while creating the DTM. (9,42)" This error too goes away if the straight road is rotated to -2 degrees, instead of -3 degrees.

Vectorworks ARCHITECT with LANDMARK 10.0.0b (12728) 10.1.0b (15591) DTM: Undo crashes VW. 100% repeatable.
1. Create a site model.
2. Delete command from DTM Processor. Answer Yes to all questions.
3. Undo command.
RESULT: Runtime Error. VW crashes back to desktop. always 100% repeatable. If you do this in VW 9.5.3, there is no crash. This is again new in VW 10.0.0.
Vectorworks ARCHITECT with LANDMARK 10.0.0b (13204) 10.1.0b (15591) DTM: Site Model command crashes the application VW. Open testfile to duplicate.
1. Open testfile, select all to select all 3D Polygons.
2. Survey Input --> 3D Polys to 3D Loci command. (Delete original 3D polygons). 428 3D Loci are created, Site Model command.
RESULT: VW crashes back to desktop. Crash is 100% repeatable.

Vectorworks LANDMARK 10.0.0b (12584) 10.1.0b Plant Object does not automatically "send to surface" of Site Models.
Vectorworks LANDMARK 10.0.0b (12584) 10.1.0b Two wishes for Site Modifier object:
1. Should be able to assign graphic attributes (in plan view) to Texture Bed.
2. Texture Bed should be placeable as polyline.
Vectorworks LANDMARK 10.0.0 10.1.0b Import Survey File places points in the wrong location if you move the user origin.
Vectorworks LANDMARK 10.0.0 10.1.0b Massing Model "Use Site Modifiers" option doesn't work.
Vectorworks LANDMARK 10.0.0 10.1.0b Balloon help on Place Plant tool has typographical errors.
Vectorworks LANDMARK 10.0.0 10.1.0b Place Plant Tool does not allow customizable (variable length) category lists properly in its filter list.
Vectorworks LANDMARK 10.0.1b (14634) 10.1.0b Editing the Profile portion of a plant object will cause VWL to crash.
Vectorworks LANDMARK 10.0.0 10.1.0b Site Model... command: does incorrect checking for site modifier polygons if I have changed the user origin.
Vectorworks LANDMARK 10.0.0 10.1.0b Plant Reference Database doesn't allow creation of more than one new plant entry per command session.
Vectorworks LANDMARK 10.0.0 10.1.0b Site Model Sections can now display basic numerical elevations. The Plugin String #5000 should be set to TRUE for this to be enabled.
Vectorworks MECHANICAL 9.5.0d 10.1.0b Edit revision block: After adding or editing a revision block the dialog with the list of drawing revisions is not drawing correctly.
Vectorworks MECHANICAL 9.5.0a3 10.1.0b Edit tolerance block: Does not update the drawing border
Vectorworks MECHANICAL 9.5.2 10.1.0b The name of the layer that the cam diagrams are drawn on is embedded in the Draw Cam Diagrams plug-in command.
Vectorworks MECHANICAL 9.5.2 10.1.0b Create 3D Object From 2D -- If the 2D object is a gear which has been rotated, the 3D object is oriented incorrectly.
Vectorworks MECHANICAL 10.0.1b 10.1.0b Highlight Rollers is written as "High Light Rollers" for the 3D Needle Bearing
Vectorworks MECHANICAL 9.5.2 10.1.0b Create 3D Object From 2D - produces a VectorScript warning if the selected 2D object does not have a 3D counterpart.
Vectorworks MECHANICAL 10.0.1a2 10.1.0b For the new 3D bolt items, the Object info displays "Place" locus at center instead of "Show" locus at center as the 2D version of the bolt does.
Vectorworks MECHANICAL 10.0.1b (14025) 10.1.0b The help text that appears in the Edit Detail Bubble dialog matches the name of the record attached.
Vectorworks MECHANICAL 10.0.1b (14025) 10.1.0b The "Text" field is still displayed in the Object Info palette for the Welding-Sym Groove (AWS) object.
Vectorworks MECHANICAL 10.0.1b (14025) 10.1.0b Texture Pane of the Object Info palette isn't labeled correctly when a VWs Engineer 3D object is inserted. It says, "Plug-in Object" and not the name of the object
Vectorworks MECHANICAL 10.0.0 (14025) 10.1.0b U-Bolt 3D is showing threads, even if the Thread Length is set to 0".
Vectorworks MECHANICAL 10.0.0 (14025) 10.1.0b U-Bolt 3D, if the Thread Length exceeds the Length of the object, the object disappears. Happens with other 3D objects also (T-Bolt -3D, Swing Eye Bolt - 3D, Eye Bolt - 3D, etc.)
Vectorworks MECHANICAL 10.0.0 (14025) 10.1.0b When inserting a Worm - 3D object, the help text on the ModeBar says, "Click to insert 3D a worm."

Vectorworks MECHANICAL 10.0.0 (14025) 10.1.0b The selection handle of a Roller Chain - Linear object does not redraw in the correct position if the Standard Chain No. (Pitch) is adjusted on the Object Info palette.
Vectorworks MECHANICAL 10.0.1b (14349) 10.1.0b The red 3 that indicates a 3D object, does not appear on the Retaining Ring (DIN) - 3D button.
Vectorworks MECHANICAL 10.0.1b (14349) 10.1.0b Clevis Pin (DIN) -3D object doesn't draw correctly when options are set to the following.
Size = M4 or M5
Pin Type = Form B (with holes)
Head Style = Headless
-The holes only show up on one side of the pin, they're not drilled all the way through the object
Vectorworks MECHANICAL 10.0.1b (14349) 10.1.0b Tubular Rivet (DIN) object is not displayed properly when the, 'Form B' option is selected.
Vectorworks MECHANICAL 10.0.1 10.1.0b Tubular Rivet (DIN) 3D object, does not render correctly with OpenGL.
Vectorworks MECHANICAL 10.0.1 10.1.0b Changing a Keyway's Height or Width to 0" will cause a crash.
Vectorworks MECHANICAL 10.0.1 10.1.0b Threaded Shaft - 3D object is rotated 90 degrees, if the 'Left Hand Threads' option is turned on, while in a isometric view.
Vectorworks MECHANICAL 10.0.1 10.1.0b CamData.txt filename is written as, 'CamData txt', with no period. The Mac OS doesn't care if a period is present but Windows will not immediately open the file with the period missing.
Vectorworks MECHANICAL 10.0.1 10.1.0b When you animate the Geneva Mechanism, the driver and driven components do not stay in alignment.
Vectorworks MECHANICAL 10.0.1 10.1.0b 3D Properties. When the drawing units are Ft & In, every time you change Units in the first dialog, the Center of Mass is increased by a factor of 12.
Vectorworks Product Installers 10.0.0b (12059) 10.1.0b Mac VW 10.0.0 installer
1. Enter All serial # .
RESULT: Spotlight checkbox should be greyed out or should not be editable since this is not available in VW 10.0.0. anyway.
It will later blame users "You have asked to install VW SPOTLIGHT, but this version
of the installer does not include SPOTLIGHT." But the checkbox is checked by DEFAULT.
Same message for MECHANICAL. This message could be omitted since it's not really available in VW 10.0.0. version. At least not until 10.0.1.

Vectorworks SPOTLIGHT 1.0.0b3 10.1.0b Curved Truss:

Hanging angle > 0deg blows up curved truss
Vectorworks SPOTLIGHT 9.0.0b1 10.1.0b Set Position Label Prefs

Should pick up the font attribute of the selected lighting position as the defaults for font selection.
Vectorworks SPOTLIGHT 9.0.1b2 10.1.0b Define convert to accessory:

Should give an alert that tyou can only convert symbols
Vectorworks SPOTLIGHT 9.0.1b2 10.1.0b If a multi-circuit instrument cell is moved by proxy by another cell of the instrument it does not update its two-fer to tell it that it has moved. either the moving cell needs to find two-fers attached to all of its brother cells and fix them, or the cell that "gets moved" needs to fix it's two-fer.
Vectorworks SPOTLIGHT 9.0.1b2 10.1.0b Import instrument data

Depending on the field order of incoming data, the UID Field may already be selected for matching up with SpotLights UID field and as such the user has to manually pick another field and the re-pick the uid field.
Vectorworks SPOTLIGHT 9.0.1 10.1.0b hanging angle is ignored...
Vectorworks SPOTLIGHT 9.0.1 10.1.0b Gobo Projector:
If you insert a gobo projector NOT on a lighting instrument, the light object and the gobo projector object jump apart from each other and the insertion point.
Vectorworks SPOTLIGHT 9.0.1 10.1.0b Label Legend Manager:
The scroll arrows on the MAC toggle the plus signs of selected fields on and off, creating a legend without all the desired fields.
Vectorworks SPOTLIGHT 9.5.0a5 10.1.0b Label Lengend Manager:
*Choose Fields button too small
*Right Reading-the g's are being cut off
Vectorworks SPOTLIGHT 9.5.0a5 10.1.0b Convert to Accessory:
Does nothing-does not change the type in the OI palette
Vectorworks SPOTLIGHT 9.5.0a5 10.1.0b Convert to Instrument:
Does not pick up the active label legend

Vectorworks SPOTLIGHT 9.5.0b11 10.1.0b Define/Convert to Instrument:
An alert dialog appears saying that non-symbols were not converted and are selected ,even if a user has NOT selected any non-symbols. Can this be supressed in this case?
Vectorworks SPOTLIGHT 9.5.0b11 10.1.0b Place Focus Point Dialog:
Cancel button is too small
Vectorworks SPOTLIGHT 9.5.0b11 10.1.0b 1. install vw 9.5 spotlight on the mac.
2. attempt to import several gobo textures. do this twice.
warning appears: one or more operations was aborted due to lack of memory.

note: clicking on the cancel button also gives this error. mac only.saw this 3x already.

Vectorworks SPOTLIGHT 9.5.0b11 10.1.0b 1. install 9.5 installer.
2. import some gobo textures (although one is enough)
3. then draw a sphere and assign a gobo texture to this object.
4. go to mapping and preview.
clicking the preview button does not render the object in the preview button.
the gobo texture is not applied. mac only. probably related to specific gobo texture only
(Lee gobo textures)

Vectorworks SPOTLIGHT 9.5.0b11 10.1.0b 1. add a label legend name. add a 2nd one.
2. change the 2nd name to active.
the remove button is still active. clicking on it prompts "..."cannot be deleted...."
To really avoid confusion, the remove button should be "Disabled" right after it is labeled as active.

Vectorworks SPOTLIGHT 9.5.0 10.1.0b Label Legend Manager, Export Instrument Data

Scrolling is completely non-functional. After choosing a field, if you scroll down the field is deselected and you can not scroll up or down past that field-i.e. it must always be in view in the dialog.
Vectorworks SPOTLIGHT 9.5.0 10.1.0b Bug Description: When attempting to move labels on lighting instruments the labels freeze and cannot be repositioned again

1.Insert a lighting instrument (choose Fresnel 6" from the top of the Strand Imperial instruments folder)

2.Fill in labels on object info, so that the labels come up on the drawing

3.Select one of the labels on the instrument, and attempt to move it. The label may move a little, then all of the instruments' labels lock and can't be moved again.

NB: This doesn't happen with all the instruments, bizarrely - for instance the 5 degree lekolite seems to be fine. Could it be the size of the instrument makes a difference? I tried changing the label legend instrument but it didn't help. Also newly created from scratch instruments have the same problem.
Vectorworks SPOTLIGHT 9.5.0 10.1.0b VW has suddenly quitted maybe 6-10 times sometimes by just moving objects ! The file I was working on was 25MB and had several ungrouped Spotlight PIO's.
Vectorworks SPOTLIGHT 9.5.0 10.1.0b Create Editable Worksheet.

If all schedule columns are removed from the list the sort by pop-up does not remove the active choice. If you subsequently add more fields back into the schedule columns list the sort by field remains in the pop-up.
Vectorworks SPOTLIGHT 9.5 10.1.0b Find and Modify

The find and modify command does not include "Moving Light" as a device type in the pop-up list. Because of this, users cannot create criteria that will operate on moving lights.
Vectorworks SPOTLIGHT 9.5.0 10.1.0b Convert To Instrument

When converting symbols into lighting instruments this command fails to set the new instruments to use the active label legend if there is one.
Vectorworks SPOTLIGHT 9.5.1 10.1.0b The source 4 zoom symbols in both the imperial and metric unit libraries have an incorrect color frame size value in the attached data record. They should be 7.5" not 6.25"
Vectorworks SPOTLIGHT 9.5.1 10.1.0b The enclosed file when exporting by VRML always makes VW suddenly

I think it's to do with the seating + curtain PIO's as when ungrouped seemed to work.
Vectorworks SPOTLIGHT 9.5.1 10.1.0b Subject: 9.5.1 Classic prefs

I'm finding that my recently installed VW 9.5.1 doesn't remember it's preferences when i go between Os X and Classic. The OSX has no probs but the Classic always resets to the factory settings. (Boring!)
Vectorworks SPOTLIGHT 10.0.0d (10284) 10.1.0b Create Gobo Texture fails to create a valid projectable gobo texture.
Vectorworks SPOTLIGHT 9.0.1 10.1.0b label legend manager fails when there are too many founts
Vectorworks SPOTLIGHT 10.0.1b (12472.1) 10.1.0b 2-fer object is not updating info. Check after crashing is fixed.
Vectorworks SPOTLIGHT 9.5.2 10.1.0b Disable Draw Beam if there is no focous point for the lighting device
Vectorworks SPOTLIGHT 10.0.0 10.1.0b When Label Legends are 1st created, that they create a 'Label Legends' layer and place each 'label legend symbol' on that invisible layer.  This would make it possible to Purge Symbols and not lose all the Label Legends.  Or some other way to be able to do this.
Vectorworks SPOTLIGHT 9.5.3 10.1.0b Subject: Spotlight add inventory bug

I've mentioned this before but do again so I hope for v10 it may be fixed.

That is when adding an inventory to the file via the generate
paperwork command/inventory/add item, not all the symbols show up in the root directory of the window.

There seems to be like a limit to the number of items able to be
shown. making it impossible to start a drawing using the inventory
feature. It doesn't matter whether or not the symbol has the light
info record attached.

Some, not all symbols are shown. For eg the first one shown and able to be selected is an 18' boom pipe, but no other non lx symbols. In other words shouldn't every symbol in the root of the file be shown and be able to be selected and thus added to the inventory?
I enclose a movie and a snapshot of the RP.
SL 9.5.3

I've never understood this one, but need to get it to work!
Vectorworks SPOTLIGHT 9.5.3 10.1.1 Subject: Spotlight conversion to device bug

Put say 10 SL symbols that contain the light info record on a page.
Group 5 of them.
Deselect the group and select the other 5 individuals and run the
convert to lighting device menu command.
The grouped symbols have been ungrouped but also converted to SL
lighting devices.

This is a drag..........good luck!
Vectorworks SPOTLIGHT 10.0.1b (12472.1) 10.1.0b (13577) Editing a plug-in while a spotlight instrument and related object are selected may cause crash.