Vectorworks 10.0.1 Download Page

Vectorworks 10.0.1 updaters for Mac and Windows are now available to fix a number of problems with the recent Vectorworks 10. You can find full information on the changes in the release notes document.

This single download will update ALL Vectorworks 10 products (ARCHITECT, LANDMARK, Vectorworks, and Renderworks) to version 10.0.1. If you are currently using a version of vectorWorks prior to 10, you must first install 10.0.0 and then update to 10.0.1 using this updater.

This updater will ask for the current location of your Vectorworks installation and will update it in place. It modifies only files which were originally installed with the product and leaves other files untouched. If you have customized Vectorworks since installing, you should make a backup prior to installing the 10.0.1 update.

The Vectorworks 10.0.1 update includes fixes for both the LANDMARK plant object problem and the Vectorworks linked text problem for which minor updates have already been released. Those are not necessary with Vectorworks 10.0.1.

The Vectorworks 10.0.1 CD also includes the initial version 10 release of Vectorworks MECHANICAL. It is not included in the online updater.

The update CD is being shipped free of charge to customers who purchased the Vectorworks Industry Collection or preordered Vectorworks MECHANICAL. Other customers can download the online updater or for a nominal shipping fee, users can request the final 10.0.1 installer on CD by calling 888-646-4223.

Download Instructions

Step 1
Determine if you have the correct version for updating. The updater will update all English-language Vectorworks 10 products (ARCHITECT, LANDMARK, Vectorworks, and Renderworks) to 10.0.1.

If you do not have version 10, or are not sure that your update will work, please contact or call 410-290-5114.

Step 2
Quit all other applications, except your web browser, and then download the Updater.

Step 3
To install the update, run the updater application and follow onscreen instructions. You may be asked to identify which copy of Vectorworks you want to update to 10.0.1.


Updater installers for Macintosh:


Updater installers for Windows: