Vectorworks 2009 SP2 Release Notes

The following issues were addressed for Vectorworks 2009 Service Pack 2:

Issue Id Title
B072254 Solid Subtraction not rendering correctly
B072237 2D Selection Marquee -Fails When Selecting Large Amount of Objects
B072178 non-recoverable file corruption
B072165 Incorrect SVP Crop in Rotated Plan view
B072145 KLS: Crop of VP assigned to rotated Design Layers gets rotated too
B072070 JK: gSDK->DoMenuName / GS_DoMenuName crash on Windows
B072051 clipping surface fails
B072045 AHA: Snapping on corners of extrude not possible if...
B072041 AHA: NNA# classes are created during layer import reference
B072016 Door not properly using HingePref override from DoorPreferences.xml file
B071996 Switching to a black background will cause lights to turn black
B071989 Protrusion/Cutout tool doesn't preview the extraction of faces correctly
B071984 VW crashes while creating a PIO
B071972 Nurbs curve crashes VW on hover. Prevents rendering if visible.
B071967 File crashing while importing
B071940 Can't snap to gray items in SLVPs
B071934 Marquee selection observes Class Options while editing a SLVP
B071928 KLS: Curved Truss broken
B071927 Polygon from inner boundary failure on flipped objects
B071924 Unfolding is broken
B071892 Utilities_Symbols.px template dialog minor cosmetic issue
B071883 Export IFC project: Internal error Report to NNA as bug
B071873 KLS: 2D-Polygon (from inner Boundary) fails with door in wall
B071834 Unfold surfaces failed
B071815 Curved truss looks invisible in black background in Top Plan view
B071804 Crash opening rel. referenced files with parent folders named with diacriticals
B071801 VW crashes when displaying a 2008 file
B071798 Import Parasolids crashes VW
B071783 Convert to 3D Polygons is broken
B071782 Create walls from polygon fails with rotated rectangles
B071771 Framing Member Object does not store 'backstop' symbol instance
B071756 Variable width stairs break at every revision
B071734 Vectorworks Crashes exporting test file to 2009 DWG file
B071728 IFC Export errors: "BOSTAD" standard house
B071720 Uniform Tread Width in OIP for Stair won't stay blank
B071716 STL export producing low numbers of polygons
B071711 Items in visualization palette show "NNA_" prefix
B071685 Framing Member tool vs 2009
B071683 Section Viewport: Instanced Section Line appears in wrong location in Design Lyr
B071658 Vectorworks crashes when Saved Vectorworks 2009 file is re-opened
B071655 AHA: Linked text to record is not working proper with references
B071648 Split by line and Contour failed with far away object and big size
B071647 Framing Member Choose Symbol for Concrete Sections does not update when changing
B071640 Choose Symbol Definition VS template dialog: OK not grayed out
B071626 Convert to NURBS crashes VW
B071625 Birail-Loft crashes VW
B071618 Objects cut by SVP that have no fill show up in VW13 but not in VW14
B071615 Spotlight:  Some units stuck at 0 Z and cannot be moved in the Z direction.
B071611 Stair PIO - Crashed when trying to turn on "Detailed 3D handrails"
B071609 Offset By Distance is not working consistently with polylines
B071607 Stair Object Parameters Change When Copy/Pasted from Imp. File to Metric File
B071583 Framing Member tool - can't create report
B071582 Errors When Creating Worksheets Containing Framing Members
B071576 Scale Object moves NURBS curve
B071559 Importing Default Resource Architectural Object Imp and get this Error message?
B071557 Saving a file as 2008 causes crash when opening.
B071552 Library files' protection is not effective
B071551 Bug B068249 is not resolved: Zoom out Tool becomes Similar Object Creation To
B071544 Deleting Active Layer makes entire layer list disappear
B071539 Using the Text Tool with and existing text causes Vectorworks to crash.
B071538 Double Line: mode bar goes gray upon start of line
B071532 AHA: About Box does not support umlauts and special characters
B071522 Polysmoothing of Closed Nurbs to arcs is broken
B071521 Persistent Viewport Red & White Update Border
B071512 Deleting Design Layer in Navigation Palette has all layers disappear.
B071511 Out of Memory DWG warning dialog still says, "VectorWorks" with capita= l, "W"
B071508 Boomerang mode modified with ctrl alt doesn't work
B071488 Stair - l configuration guardrail does not model correctly
B071486 The width of a specific character is extended.(Export PDF)
B071485 The width of a specific character is extended(Print)
B071481 Stair - basic problems still persist in SP1 (build 97095)
B071475 Navigation palette: no refresh of layers' list on "Delete"
B071472 Utility Cabinet PIO yields unexpected results
B071467 Hidden line render failed with attached file -- Scale and offset related
B071465 Extrude object converts to NURBS -- result wrong offset and scale
B071445 Protrusion/Cutout: Invalid Results with Face with Holes
B071440 VW crashes when validating 3D data
B071438 Site model fails to draw some contours
B071432 Batch Convert Causes Vectorworks to crash.
B071431 If color is applied within text runs, it is imaged incorrectly by GDI
B071424 AHA: Localizatzion: Text item in Startup Screen are too short
B071419 Application crashes on pasting the lighting device and Two-fer object
B071418 SBE: GS_CreateCustomObjectByMatrix ignores matrix 2nd try
B071392 Offset polyline results in offset poly at incorrect offset.
B071384 Crash on triangular 3D wall reshape
B071382 VectorScript error on first run
B071363 VW shuts down.(Curved Truss)
B071362 VW2009 shuts down.(VW12.0 file)
B071351 Drawing Label is not automatically picking up the file name or the Sheet name.
B071347 Vector Script Error with Detailing Tool set Plug-Ins
B071346 Splayed walls have no colour
B071344 Curved truss crashes
B071336 Solid subtraction creates segmented objects
B071331 Curve rendering resolution is almost unusable for us in presentation
B071330 Add surface does not work far away the origin
B071325 Crash when deleting wall with dimension
B071322 PDF Export/GDI  Printing do not handle '@' fonts correctly.
B071318 Facetting of Section Viewports results in unusable section
B071317 VS function CreateLoftSurfaces crashes VW
B071311 Vectorworks crashes when contents of test file is copied and pasted in a new doc
B071309 Loft results in invisible NURBS surface
B071303 The name of Japanese font become strange on the Font Setting dialog.
B071302 The name of Japanese font become strange on the OI palette.
B071301 The "Font Mapping" dialog is not displayed.
B071300 Application crashes when Curved Truss object is selected
B071297 Difficulties with dimensions inside viewports
B071289 Converting this solid subtraction to nurbs crashes VW
B071286 Loft that won't work
B071284 The caution dialog comes up(specific solid objects)
B071283 Misspelled word in "Detected Data Cycle" dialog
B071281 Copies of Stairs Will get Deleted if you delete one of them.
B071280 Floor disappears when rectangle added
B071279 Framing member: is never structural
B071277 Section Viewports: structural shapes whose fill is empty don't display correct
B071276 Landscape Area object crashes after Edit Group operation : JBC
B071274 Lasso marker style drawn incorrectly.
B071269 OIP Labels & Hiding
B071263 Viewports increasing in size for no reason & stray objects issues
B071257 special char. problem in about dialog
B071256 Edit 3D wall hole - exit button not working
B071251 DWG Import-name of created hatch definition shows code instead of Japanese chars
B071247 Add (Clip) surface does not work with large polygons
B071201 Validate 3d DATA crashes Vw
B071184 Faceting problem with tube solid subtraction
B071183 Updating Section Viewports in Test File will cause a crash
B071170 Create Section Viewport-Set Advanced Properties while creating- Does not work
B071169 AHA: Tool modes of the radial dimension tool are mixed up
B071162 As for converted 3D Polys from Solid object, VW2009 and VW2008 are different.
B071135 A preview does not react.
B071134 The movement of the preview is not right.
B071122 DWG import creates DLVP
B071118 Mirror Tool on Extrude along path object doesn't render the new object correctly
B071116 “Down Time:”of Save dialog in the Manage Scene is missing a ":"
B071106 VW shuts down.(the resize cursor of worksheet)
B071100 Roof Framer does not properly with dormer styles except gable
B071090 Stair: is not structural
B071081 Crash when Inserting Window in a Round Wall.
B071066 About Export Parasolid X_T.
B071062 Refreshing a lighting position may not cause LW to be updated.
B071051 Diameter dimension tool inverts text direction
B071039 About Export IGES.
B071038 About Export Imagefile
B071028 Auto-align planar doesn't work well in radiosity or ArtRW with NURBS surfaces
B071021 Section Line "Text Auto-fill" option needs to auto-reset
B071010 When copying Landscape Area to a new file, its associated plants are not copied
B071009 Landscape Area Qty wrong
B071005 Subtract Solids Command fails: solids subtaction moves its original position
B070931 IFC Export: Not all pSets are exported.
B070924 Trim Tool fails to trim as expected in this case
B070920 Purge Unused Objects sometimes deletes textures within symbols
B070917 3D component and 3D wall hole component have the same shortcut key ( cmd-3)
B070908 Navigation Palette problem
B070883 File crashes on Open in VW2009 on Windows
B070880 Spotlight:  auto data exchange:  will not write XML if file is not saved first
B070873 Landscape area can't have holes
B070868 Attribute Mapping Tool Fails to rotate mapping correctly
B070867 Snap not working on a pdf import
B070864 Zoom out not working
B070851 Wall tool prefs don't work to set one texture for entire wall
B070849 Worksheet related: Opening the attached file causes VW to crash
B070843 Cannot correct "Custom Modification".
B070841 DXF/DWG file size of VW2008/2009 is bigger than VW12.5.
B070840 Iicon does not be displayed(Navigation palette)
B070836 Column object does not display fill or texture
B070812 Spotlight:  Key to Instrumentation fails to name group
B070810 SBE: IFileChooserDialog::GetSelectedFileName not working (regression 2)
B070799 Path extrude crashes with certain profiles
B070796 Undesirable faceting on 3D solids : JBC
B070794 Facets appear in renderings if cylinder type objects were subtracted from solids
B070788 Stair: VS Error
B070785 Stair VS warning
B070758 Polyline editing: strong flickering of the attributes palette.
B070740 Extract surface from shell crashes VW
B070728 Renderworks fails to align selected mappings (option greyed out) (94781)
B070724 All of files are not imported(Drag and Drop Import)
B070722 Cannot make "Floorplan".
B070713 VectorScript Tool fails to read IP Resources file.
B070684 Landscape Area Tool crashes Vw
B070669 Snapping Walls using snap loupe can cause innaccuracy
B070668 Stair tool - cannot apply different classes to treads and risers
B070663 Resource Browser is not displaying properly when switching files
B070656 Undo Crash with landscape Area associated with Walls.
B070651 IFC export: window-walls inserted in walls have wrong opening extent
B070646 SDK - ISDK::ConvertNurbsToPolylineArcs() creates poly crashing ISDK::DrawObject
B070644 Misplaced object highlighting for radial dimensions in viewport anotations
B070635 The Roof Framer will leave Big Gaps on certain shapes of wall.
B070622 Navigation View Icon is MIA on a Mac
B070620 RenderWorks 2009 ignores textures and openings in Roof Objects
B070613 View using viewport attributes doesn't use all the attributes I expect
B070612 Vectorworks should install into, "Program Files (x86)" by default on 64 bit comp
B070611 SDK - ISDK::ConvertNurbsToPolylineArcs() crashes when run in 3D view
B070610 Screw Nut / Washer / Combination Preferences Dialog box is empty
B070609 IFC Data: No way to override standard pSet of walls
B070598 [PARASOLID pr1685529] There is a trouble ( Export IGES / Stereo Lithography ).
B070597 Export PDF, character spacing
B070594 There is a trouble ( Export DXF/DWG ).
B070589 Framing Member (VW2008→VW2009)
B070588 Cotter Pin(Inch)-3D object is very slow on placing in the drawing
B070587 Steel shapes whose parent container is not active layer draw lines not correct
B070586 The menu that cannot be used doesn't gray display. - Eval version
B070585 Tee steel shape: center line is too short, not in sync with other shapes
B070584 Cannot choose check box.
B070581 Steel shapes whose "Draw Lines" option is activated don't draw centro= id locus
B070577 Section Viewport / Objects beyond Section Plane
B070570 Display of solid figure (Section Viewport)
B070569 3D Conversion Resolution (Section Viewport)
B070565 Revision Cloud Tool revisions removes functionality
B070559 Create Joist from Poly: Incorrect miter
B070555 Cotter Pin (Inch) - 3D assumes the wrong orientation when placed in iso view.
B070552 Wall style "no texture" choice becomes "class texture" on created walls
B070548 Snap Loupe losing snaps when establishing the dimension line.
B070544 Callouts do not "flip"
B070515 There is a trouble ( Round Wall Object ).
B070493 Landscape Area does not count plants accurately
B070492 crash- exit 3d symbol, rendering to hiddenline & stack layers on
B070490 Errors in library Site-Furnishings-Imp
B070489 CRASH  working with VP's
B070472 Trim tool doesn't always work correctly
B070470 Profile loft of NURBS fails in 2009, works in 2008
B070458 Landscape area can't be imported form another document
B070448 Dragging and droping multiple VW files
B070446 changing a stair's Uniform width does not adjust end widths on U Platform
B070435 The number of vertices(Add Surface)
B070434 Selection Highlights does not get refreshed
B070431 94781 problem of visualization
B070409 Menu Modify > Edit Column... (should be Edit Pillar...)
B070408 Undo camera delete fails to update the visualization palette
B070406 Changing Monolithic stairs' "Uniform Tread Width" requires Vectorworks restart
B070405 light rotation angle of custom light can be set to values out of scope
B070398 Redraw Problems with Renderworks Camera.
B070396 Lights orientation by OIP slider changes do not draw interactively on Mac
B070395 The "Validate 3D Data" command does not work.
B070388 Error dialogs appear(Fastener Tool)
B070386 Beams are not created(Roof Framer)
B070384 VW shuts down(Survey Import)
B070383 The "Custom View" in the "Create Viewport" dialog does not work.
B070380 The viewport with colored wall compornents is created.
B070379 The Wall Compornents is displayed in the section view port.
B070374 Redefine saved view viewpoint changes other saved views
B070372 Space Object's label appears far outside of object
B070371 Create Surface from Curves rotates object when plan is rotated
B070365 Hidden Line Rendering mode- has line running from windows
B070362 [ESP functional] 3d Reshape and Extrude
B070356 Removing, "Splash.bmp" from the application directory will cause crash on launch
B070354 Applying boomerang mode within snap loupe freezes cursor
B070352 Modifying light rotation angle of custom light on OIP fails to undo
B070347 Set Working Plane Tool not consistently selecting plane in the right orientation
B070342 Modifying light orientation from OIP displays a trail of messy artifacts
B070329 Shoulder Screw jam
B070328 The wrong info in "VSAppendix".(Use Class Opacity)
B070327 The wrong info in "VSAppendix".(Use Pen Class Attributes)
B070326 The wrong info in "VSAppendix".(Use Fill Class Attributes)
B070325 The wrong info in "VSAppendix".(URL)
B070317 rendering artifacts in section viewport
B070314 Center texture of walls change when they are referenced in a Design Layer VP
B070307 Objects from Poly: Converting to Space gives VS error
B070306 Info Palette Mapping button
B070302 VW2009 Column object - VS errors when changing column to struct shape
B070297 VectorScript Error occurs in Spotlight preference dialog box
B070284 Spotlight:  Draw Beam enabled in Edit Light dialogue, tho Focus Point not assign
B070269 crash on placing locus
B070266 Snap loupe does not work after boomerang mode
B070257 Column tool not holding class when the Architectural and Structural are made the
B070255 Framing Memeber Custom Profile that had been filleted on all corners not carryin
B070246 Undo Primitive appears to be missing from drag and duplicate
B070244 Space Tool does not report correct area calculation
B070238 DLVP can have solid crop
B070237 'Edit Design Layer' from DLVP changes view incorrectly
B070224 Unfold surfaces causes crash : JBC
B070215 Edit Design Layer: can only do this ONCE frm within Edit Annotations.
B070206 Design Layer Delete is deleting all the layers in the list, or appears to anyway
B070202 675 - PDF Export - goes wrong with polygons
B070180 VW files forgetting saved sketch options of renders
B070178 [PARASOLIDS PR1682841 fixed] Offset failure with certain shapes
B070175 Roof framer creating all the rafters
B070173 VW2009 Space Object -GSA BIM boundary doesn't recognize round columns
B070165 Documentation > chapter "Drawing with Snapping": typo
B070155 opacity:  offset duplication makes a duplicate w/ 100% opacity
B070146 arc by tangent:  "Tangent" tooltip often appears as "Perpendicular"
B070145 Visualization palette causes cycling throught design and sheet layers to stop
B070136 Spotlight:  LLs mysteriously remapping themselves
B070129 A difference of "Softness" is unidentified.(Image Color)
B070128 A difference of "Softness" is unidentified.(Filtered Image)
B070127 A difference of "Detail" is unidentified.
B070118 Custom lights are difficult to reshape from the document
B070117 Split (Trim By Line not working)
B070116 Modifying spread and beam through the OIP widget fails to undo
B070110 Initial creation of a stair object doesn't work correctly
B070098 Edit 3D Symbol Bug
B070096 Space Tool - can't turn Poly when using Paint Bucket to create the Space
B070095 SDK/VCOM: crash when enumerating a folder a great number of times
B070070 Room Object - Net Area shows GSA BIM Area if Boundary Display=3DGSA BIM
B070068 Room object - object at wall counts double with GSA BIM Area
B070052 A VW does "forced end" when I do spell-checking of character string.
B070049 The indication point of the dimension line is reversed at Radial Dimension to
B070025 Splash screen draws incorrectly with large fonts active
B070005 Plant Object 3d component doesn't draw outline in wireframe
B069975 Create Joists from polygon not giving screen hints
B069951 Personalize dialog wrong Vectorworks
B069949 [PARASOLIDS pr1681602] Create Fillet Surface crashed
B069930 double-line tool:  control line modes go greyed and unusable during use
B069924 Column/Pilaster: Struct Clearance should be hidden when there is no Arch comp
B069898 Enter snap loupe, switch tools, loupe goes away but not really
B069892 Add Solids operation works in VW2008, fails in VW2009
B069879 DTM graphice defaults should be updated to enclosed settings
B069853 VectorScript Appendix Selector Numbers Wrong for Wall Styles : JBC
B069820 Vis Pall does not refresh when undoing a lighting device
B069813 [PARASOLID pr1685529] Error happens when IGES file is imported.
B069776 VW2009 IFC Export -Windows in round walls do not appear correct
B069774 VW2009 IFC Export -Error with window placement in thick wall
B069764 Extrude Along Path Object renders with facets : JBC
B069759 Static Accessories do not duplicate correctly
B069758 VW Freezes after checking the Splay Checkbox in Window Settings
B069747 Exporting red object to file on server causes crash
B069726 Creating "3D object from 2D" object is very slow on some objects.
B069707 Space Object-show poly won't toggle off when auto boundary selected
B069696 Stair - monolithic stairs very very slow.
B069689 DLVP: Context menu "Edit Design Layer" behaves like context menu "Edit"
B069675 Smart cursor text cues now too far away from cursor
B069640 Framing Member: Vertical Reference change isn't working as expected.
B069616 Stair: parm UniTreadWidth text not dimension -> bad regen on changing units
B069614 Plants converted from circle are offset in rotated view
B069600 Space PIO and the Length and Width or the Room Dimension Additional Data
B069574 Plant Symbols in Browser generate odd symbol icons
B069560 SBE: CreateCustomObjectByMatrix causes crash in certain conditions (regression= )
B069532 SBE: ISDK::CreateCustomObjectByMatrix
B069523 Serial protection does not function.
B069475 Framing Member "Joist" Initializes Joist with 30º Default Pitch
B069445 Localization_Records of plant - Plant Defaults.vwx
B069406 Radial Dimension Tool error
B069397 Drag import fails if folder contains a german umlaut
B069390 Event enabled PIOs fail to supply wall handle with Reset Rotate : JBC
B069348 08/09 Site Data Inconsistency
B069341 Custom leaf doesn't apply to door properly
B069336 VW2009 IFC Export - Columns don't get exported
B069292 Most Basic Stair Association Error--Isolated!
B069286 VW2009 Stair tool - Stairs delete each other
B069262 Dimension line and text not showing when drawing dims using zoom loupe
B069253 The space between the character and the character opens.
B069242 Stair - OIP and Settings dialog very slow responding
B069230 Ok button grayed in,"Choose a Symbol" dialog using Framing Member Tool
B069213 Selection Highlighting doesn't update properly on Invert Selection command
B069148 Chain dimension doesn't display while using snap loupe
B069032 edge from start to end of open polyline interferes with tangent angle
B069006 "Export Hatch Pattern Files" check box does not work.
B069005 VW2009 freeze.(when "Export Solid As ACIS Solids" is turned on)
B068999 The object disappears.
B068987 The file is not made.
B068984 Exporting of Symbol to a file that someone else has open causes a crash
B068892 Constraints don't work in zoom loupe with dimension tool
B068837 Framing Member - Defaults for custom profile not working properly
B068816 Activating saved view takes 2 attempts to go from plan to iso
B068804 LA - Perimeter and Area on info pal are twice the correct value
B068800 LA set to use class texture is not creating a texture bed on the dtm
B068659 Localization_H or W lacks - Object Info
B068655 Localization_About STR# 13020 - Landscape Area
B068522 Stair Settings dialog box will not close after stringer type is changed
B068506 Duplicated stair - both stairs act as if they are the one stair object.
B068496 Stair PIO - placing stair object on drawing prodces a vectorscript error
B068439 Monolithic Stair object very slow to respond to changes and moves on the drawing
B068342 Document Default Sketch Style always reverts to Rough
B068249 Zoom Out Tool activated by Spacebar Command Key Option Key changes into another
B068160 Export image marquee lines don't show when drawing marquee rectangle
B068098 Validate 3D Data displays, "Internal Error" message but not in VW2008
B068066 Non-repeating image fills with opacity are lighter than expected
B067893 Adding a texture part to multiple selected objects does not update the rendering
B067827 Validate 3D Data is not working, and apparently unnecessary
B067798 [PARASOLID pr1675132 fixed ] Fillet Edge fails to create correct
B067611 Stair Changes results in warning dialogue loop
B067549 Stair: control point for text is the same for both upper and lower floors.
B067522 Framing Member: Desired defaults
B067470 OIP object highlighting not working
B067375 Regression: Failed solid subtraction even when drawn from scratch in 2009
B067308 Stairs: initial platform doesn't seem correct
B067207 Stair Arrows and "UP"/"DN" Incorrectly Drawn & Incorrec= tly Placed
B067111 Winder Double -S- Stairs failure
B067094 Stair PIO: Curved platform doesn't render properly ( sides don't render)
B067009 Bounding box for Stair PIO doesn't look right
B066924 Library file Detail-LG Metal Framing-Imp needs updating.
B066905 VW2009 Stair tool - no preview Custom Stringer profile, VS error on exit
B066707 Framing Member: In some cases, can't dismiss Custom Profile dialog
B066699 Framing Member: Changing Vertical Reference when Roll Angle <> 0
B066660 IFC export - Exterior Walls don't appear to align properly
B066648 Crashes in Mac OS X With Window object.
B066586 Objects from Poly still having Label end up way off the object in random location
B066554 Stair: text problem with control point
B066396 VW2009 Stair tool - Stairs Setting dialog preview incorrect 2D arrows
B066313 Framing Member preferences don't work
B066059 Slow orbiting with SpaceNavigator
B065806 Tangent constrain stalls VW - you then have top force quit.
B065721 IFC export of file fails to create file that REVIT can open
B065680 KLS: Rotated rectangle with zero line thickness gets unrotated in DWG Export
B065629 Site object is lacked.(Export IFC)
B065622 Document Default Sketch Style always reverts to 'Rough' when you close a file.
B065579 568 - Piping Run tool - Shown text could not be localized
B065562 StairPIO desappears when Handrail option is selected from the OIP
B065481 VW2009 can't start - possible conflict between Tortoise and Parasolid libs
B065397 Space tool not placing name inside area
B065394 Solid objects with holes display transparent in section vp's
B065274 Saved views fail to change layer and class visibilities : JBC
B065253 SBE: SDK: symbol break sometimes contains invalid handle > crash
B065117 KLS menu shortcut with german umlaut woes
B065097 Door Schedule contains invalid record fields
B065087 Sketch render option is not retained when file is saved and reopened
B065033 Export Resource Multiple Times from Plants.vwx produces Crash : JBC
B064740 3DS import complains about undo primitive order
B064614 Batch Print does not save full set
B064560 VW doesn't save all sheet layers in the batch Print or batch pdf saved sets
B064452 Stair PIO: Inconsistent 3D fills
B064446 Radial Dimension
B064397 Can't put radial dimensions in VP annotation
B064194 2 byte becomes 1 byte automatically when Japanese input method is used.
B064171 Export IFC Project fails
B064115 Radial dimension text does not match direction set in tool settings
B063648 About the Serial button of the VectorWorks Preferences dialog.
B063383 Stair: Always requires two tries to make Floor-to-floor stair
B063116 Export IFC commands are initiated at the Evaluation version.
B062717 VW2008 - Slow screen redraws
B062423 Export Title Block crashes the app on resource name conflict.
B062288 Roof Framer and Framing Mbr: Irregularities with Joist objects and "thin" roofs
B061839 Slow DXF solids
B061624 extract tool - extract iso parametric curve UI problem
B061587 Slow Screen redraws in VW13 compared to VW12.5.2
B061362 Subtract Solids menu command causes crash with test files
B061206 Strange object appears below Fillet object when rendered with Final Quality
B061044 Selection handles are not disappearing when they should
B060761 Document default sketch style changes by importing in VW 2008
B060333 Cannot cycle through Layers/Sheets using Ctrl + Arrow on Windows
B060127 [WISH] Better optimization of joist material take offs.
B059679 There is a trouble.  (Import Adjacency Matrix)
B059077 OpenGL fails rendering Cylinder Tool if option Use NURBS is on
B058791 Move by point brings objects to the front
B058513 About the lack of patterns, with VectorWorks12.5 on the Mac.
B058301 Add Solids fails on the two solids in the test file.
B058254 Solid subtraction of cylinders yields different results
B058146 Fillet Edge Fails
B057997 Handrails not connecting properly in Stair PIO
B057953 Stair Object - Show Top Tread is enabled by default
B057570 Filleting fails
B056868 Stairs w/Outside stringers draw incorrectly with "Draw top tread" off-= flr 2 ONLY
B055994 Section Viewport and DTM contour conflict
B055248 Handrail at landing still sloping when it should be flat
B053666 Joist calculates nominal length incorrectly. (Rounding error)
B053664 [WISH] Better optimization of joist material take offs.
B053426 Export from v12 to v11 causes corrupt solid operation objects on v11
B053147 Render all viewports results in App not responding with 98% CPU Usage
B053083 AME: VectorWorks crashes after finished DXF import (mac)
B053024 Unable to use Italic in dimensions
B051087 Solid subtract failed in VectorWorks
B051047 Fillet edge causes rendering failure
B050878 Add Solids fails with closed extruded polylines : JBC
B050866 Solids failure
B050316 Section Viewport not sectioning object correctly
B050026 Fillet Edge failed with radius 0.001 in attached file
B045098 Roofer: roof edit fails with bugfile.
B042498 All of font names can not be displayed in the font list.
B038661 To import DWG File,The position of the rotated multi-text