Vectorworks 2009 SP1 Release Notes


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Have to double click on a saved view twice to have it display in the proper view

For example, the existing file shows a perspective view.  To go to another view saved as Top/Plan, the first set of double clicks activates the correct layers, but does not change from perspective view.  Double click again, and the proper view will display.


Zoom Out Tool activated by Spacebar Command Key Option Key changes into another

Zoom Out Tool activated by Spacebar Command Key Option Key changes into another tool

- Select Spacebar Command Key Option Key to activate Zoom Out Tool
- Move to select the area 
- Zoom Out Tool transforms in a Pickup Tool


Mac nav pal saved view "view" column does not show icons

Even if you choose to restore the view orientation, there is no icon visible in the "view" column of the Mac nav pal saved view pane.

There IS an icon on the org dialog.


crash-turning roof class visible

this might be occuring because i just added a new texture to the roof class.
and with Stack layers being on?  i tried getting out of this trouble, by turning off stack layers first before turning class on and it helped.

stack layer on
go to layer plan-roof
turn class on: surface-3 roof



Landscape Area reporting wrong area

In the test file, the area reporting at the bottom of the landscape area is wrong. Using plant clouds should not affect the area calculation.


Landscape Area giving wrong results for some quantities

In the attached file the landscape area totals for the plants are not accurate. The problem is related to units and area untis.


"Lck" files for VW drawing files disappear after saves

"Lck" files for VW drawing files disappear after saves on a Mac server using an SMB connection.


Rotated Plan   Bollard (Column PIO) = Crash

In the enclosed file:
- select one of the Bollard symbols (made from Column PIO, part of VW Content) from the symbol folder in RB
- place in drawing, it works fine
- now rotate the plan and repeat insertion...VW crashes!

 Can't repeat this in a new untitled file, but happens 100% of time here.


Doors occasionally create polygonized wall render

In some instances, a wall with a door in it will show a diagonal line connecting an upper corner of the door opening to a wall vertex in hidden line SLVPs.  See example in attached file.


AHA: User origin in plan rotation displaced when opening file in Fundamentals

We reported a problem with rectangles when saving a file in plan rotation view and open the file in Fundamentals (B070603). In this report (B070603) I described also a wrong user origin behavior. I am not sure if it is the same bug and therefore I log a separate bug just for the origin problem. Please forgive me that the testfile's are the same as for B070603.

Steps to reproduce the problem:

1. See attached movie
2. Open Testfile 1432.vwx in a series
3. Use plan rotation (IMPORTANT: rotate the plan with a click not with the angle field in the mode bar)
4. Save the document in this plan rotation view
5. Reopen this document with a Fundamentals version
6. The plan rotation is automatically set to 0 (normal view) because plan rotation does not exist in Fundamentals.

Besides the rectangle problem you can see that the origin is displaced. This is a bad behavior if a user is using references.


2008 file does not open in 2009 (crash)

The attached file doesn't open in VW 2009 windows (tested on XP). Works on mac.


2D clip failure

The little circle is unable to be clipped from the big circle.


Menu Compose will crash if there are more than 100 NURBS curves to compose

Menu Compose will crash if there are more than 100 NURBS curves to compose.


J-Bolt 3D object not working in VW Architect

If you insert a J-Bolt 3D object using a VW Architect serial number, three options in the Info Palette are not working:
- Add Nut
- Add Lock Washer
- Add Washer

This is because these 3D PIOs are not enabled in VW Architect, but on Machine Design or Designer versions only.


VW-2009 Batch Convert fails to convert layer import referencing into DLVPs.

When Batch Converting to the VW-2009 file format in the batch convert settings if you select 'convert referenced layers into reference viewports' the referenced design layers do not get converted into design layer viewports and the referenced data is dropped from the file.


AHA: Crash of file because of corrupt references (2 symbols cause the problem)

Crash during reference update because of corrupt references (2 symbols cause the problem)


Landscape Area calculates quantities based on plant cloud boundary

The polyline boundary of a Landscape Area should be used to calculate the number of plants in the LA.  When the plant cloud border is turned on (a stylistic setting), the boundary of the cloud border is used to calculate the number of plants.  For example, a 100 sqft LA with 1 plant/sqft will contain 124 plants if the cloud is turned on, 100 otherwise.


Multiple wall hole objects cause crash

1. Create a straight wall
2. Create a 3D symbol and put it in the wall
3. Edit the 3D Wall Hole Group of the symbol
4. Create 2 or more objects in the 3D wall hole group
5. Exit the symbol
6. Go into a 3D view, if not already in one

VectorWorks will crash.  Will not crash with round walls or with one object in the 3D Wall Hole Group of the symbol.


rendering bug with magic mattrress

Open the attached file and render it using any method.
As you can see, the magic bed will expand into a king size bed, using an automatic inflatable mattress.

The mattress of this object is the one that was initially designed for a double bed, then reduced. We have tried different method of shrinking it , all conduct to this situation. I left the initial double bed symbol in place in the file.


Callout and Framing member not working with "Mirror" tool

If you use mirror tool on Callout or Framing member the resulted object is incorrect.

See attached image, the selected object is the result of the vertical line mirror:


New "auto-clipping" behavior in AEC groups unacceptable

In 2008:
1. Create a surface and execute the Floor command
2. Edit the Floor and add another surface to the Group
3. The Floor object updates to reflect the additional surface, even if non-contiguous with the original surface

In 2009:
1. Create a surface and execute the Floor command
2. Edit the Floor and add another surface to the Group. For the purposes of this exercise, make the new surface non-contiguous with the original one.
3. Upon exiting, VW interprets the top surface in stacking order to be the clipper, and therefore deletes the original surface. See attached movie.

This is problematic because it hampers the user's ability to edit compound Floor (and similar AEC objects). While the convenience of "auto-clipping" may be a slight boon in some instances, the penalty in flexibility is unacceptable. I realize that this is may be WAD; if so, I respectfully submit that the designer did not fully consider the implications of the new behavior. Please change AEC groups to pre-2009 behavior, or at least limit "auto-clipping" ONLY to instances where two surfaces are partially or wholly overlapping.


Compose of two polygons fails.

Compose of two polygons fails. One polygon has 175 the other has 367 vertices.


Strange clipping issues with plant in triangular mode

- Select the plant tool and put it in triangular mode and make sure the Ground Cover 4 is the current plant (should be by default in the attached file).
- Create a poly with the plant tool by clicking at the 3 corners of the red polygon starting left to right, and double clicking at the 3rd corner to complete it.
- Notice the strange stretching of some of the clipped circles.  

If you do not see it on the first try, try it again until it happens.


Quantity of Landscape Area displaying 0

- Create a Landscape Area with a few plants in it.
- Create the Landscape Area but do not close the poly at creation.
- The quantities for the plants will be 0


2D Booleans not working in VCS when far away from the origin

- Draw a rectangle
- send it far away: use move x = 1000000000, y= 10000000000
- set VCS angle to any value, use the edit box to enter the angle
- choose the clip tool
- try to clip the rectangle, it will fail.


Extrude not working in VCS when far away from the origin

Draw a rectangle
- send it far away: use move x = 1000000000, y= 10000000000
- set VCS angle to any value, use the edit box to enter the angle
- choose the clip tool
- create extrude from it , it will fail.


Update section viewports causes crash

I have an example file of a viewport that causes Vectorworks to quit. A previous back up file created less than 5 operations later is fine. The main difference is that I have added a door to the later file.


Landscape area plant quantites percents greater than 100

I can set plant percentages in the landscape area so that they total less than and/or greater than 100%.  In real life I am not sure if it would be appropriate to specify a total that is not 100%

In addition it would seem appropriate that when adding a new plant to a landscape area if the percentage total precalculated to something that would end up at 100.


Space PIO Gross Area reading as zero

Space PIO Gross Area reading as 0. This is addition to the length width room dimension issue. Some of this seems to have to do with Circular portions of the shape.


Update section viewport crashes

Open test file. Choose viewport on sheet B2. Click update viewport from Obect info palette. VW crashes.


Crashing while editing viewport annotations

No real steps to repeat...  Enclosing crash log, and file I was using.  I was cutting a pasting a crop and annotations in the section viewport that is up off the top of the page.  I've a had a great many crashes in this file today, may be related to auto save which was set at 2 minutes, and I have now reset to 15minutes and it seems to take longer to crash.  

Problem file and crash log attached.


SpaceNavigator will not preview view changes in wireframe

In wireframe, the only visible view change as one manipulates the SpaceNavigator is (occasionally) the axes rotating in space.  After stopping the input, the view jumps to whatever was the final orientation  This misbehavior occurs in both axo and perspectival views

In OpenGL, the interactive view changes works fine and seems much improved from 2008, however.


Symbol in Viewport has highlight occur in entirely different location then the

Symbol in Viewport has highlight occur in entirely different location then the Symbol. 

While hovering over the Viewport the Preselection highlight of the symbol is way off in another location. The view is a perspective orientation.

See attached movie and file.


Export Pict, Rendering set to OGL, image of screen is recorded in Pict

Please open the sample file. 
Please select " Export Pict " of Export. 
Please preserve it.
Again, please import it. 
The object image and the screen image are imported.


Offsetting an oval by point generates multiple copies

Draw an oval. Select the offset tool and set the preferences as shown in the attachment. Click on the oval and drag. Multiple copies are generated. I got 65 ovals the first time and after a second select and drag I ended up with 143 ovals for both attempts.


Landscape Area will no longer allow me to plant at a rate per m2.

Create a Landscape Area
Attempt to plant with plants at a rate per m2.
Square feet is now the only option.