Vectorworks 2008 Service Pack 1 Release Notes

Issue ID Title Build Fixed
043055The Dimension Exterior Walls command does not align dimensions properly when they are placed in a viewport annotation and the viewport has been moved.77854
056647Moving a chain dimension deletes the associativity.77854
057027QuickTime Error encountered on Windows 64bit computers with 4GB of Ram installed78195
057186Human Figure disappears in Wireframe78393
058975The Dimension Exterior Walls command does not place dimensions properly in a viewport annotation if the walls in the viewport do not align with the walls on the design layers.77854
059778Printing patterns at "on screen resolution" does not give proper results under GDI+.77500
0599732D wall fills draw incorrectly in Round Wall77037
060390Open GL with shadows crashing or not working as expected78733
060508Stretching Walls in 3D views causes the toolbar to become distorted.77999
060679Exporting a Vectorworks 2008 file that contains a Renderworks Texture with a Transparency Mask image to a previous version of Vectorworks can result in loss of data in the exported file.76832
060943Occasional RenderWorks crash, possibly related to moving Vectorworks to the background.78222
061000Walls don't snap to first point in Isometric View77459
061195A part of edge of 3D object in the view port object is not displayed.77037
061279Wall Tool quirky when drawing in 3D.77663
061335When drawing walls in 3D the data display bar angle doesn't work.77663
061371Drawing renders twice when exiting edit crop of Design Layer Viewport76685
061434Workgroup Referencing sometimes does not allow the "Relative" setting.77023
061438OpenGL render errors with design layer viewports: missing textures and 3D fills.76910
061471Callout Tool crashes76682
061516Text for the Callout Tool Bubble Style ISO is positioned incorrectly (placed too high).76682
061540Crash while dragging a file over visualization palette77464
061612Design layer viewport drawn incorrectly when in edit group mode.77758
061644Wall Tool: Creating walls in 3D gives no snapping to finish wall77459
061647Sometimes you cannot select a referenced design layer viewport by clicking on it.76881
061691Undoing the creation of a Callout object can crash.76682
061719Objects can disappear when in sketch mode in rotated plan.77024
061735On the Mac, the "Animate Scenes" command can crash Vectorworks.77739
061758Infrequent crash when updating a viewport after editing the crop.78222
061790Worksheet cell colors become black after saving a file on a Mac77574
061807Windows and doors display in settings dialog distorted with rotate plan77999
061850Floating Data Bar - Delete key will not 'unlock' value.78565
061870Criteria evaluation inconsistent when evaluating Design Layer Viewports77412
061877On Windows, the Nav Palette and Vis Palette column tooltips leak GDI objects, which can eventually cause a crash.77669
061941On Windows, the symbol preview in the Resource Browser will sometimes disappear.78561
061963Very slow screen redraw in Section VPs77492
061976Saved View will take you to NNA# layers77416
061990Callout tool text editing can cause a crash76924
062028Can't snap to polyline geometry in referenced VP78720
062032Reference broken to unknown NNA# object78479
062046VW prints all black page using GDI+Image pref with Rasterize Print Output option77656
062051On the Mac when converting in place, Batch Convert does not always convert all of the files.78193
062074Cannot use the right & left arrow key inside the floating data bar78565
062083On the Mac, locating a missing referenced file can cause a crash77427
062122Joining walls fails under rotated plan77938
062135Cannot set path to relative on Edit Reference dialog after using Browse button.77455
062143Relative path button doesn't work on Select Viewport Source dialog77631
062169Updating nested references can fail if some files are open and some are closed.77416
062170Some referenced resources from DLVP show with NNA# on them in worksheets77412
062173Fundamental users cannot update references with files containing DLVPs77414
062177Backup files are created when you do a batch convert in place.77642
062195When creating new layers, the stacking order shown in the Org Dlg is not correct78071
062259No progress bar visible in message bar when running Vista78076
062260Offset a polyline created by composing arcs and the duplicate will be a polygon.78196
062308VW13 crashes trying to open a VW12 file - related to viewport light overrides.77959
062310Create Solar Animation causes Crash77739
062368Undoing a change to a plant through the plant worksheet can cause an eventual crash.78191
062369Two-way worksheet: Editing plants doesn't work properly78192
062370Backspace while entering values in the floating data bar cancels operation78565
062402Offset changes arcs to lines in Polyline78196
062405On the Mac the Print As PDF setting does not always work78563
062428Selecting a sweep object can sometimes be difficult.78382
062442In different rendering views there can be display problems with symbols that contain plug-in objects.78539
062469Broken reference dialog for resources sometimes adds NNA# strings to the front of the resource name.78479
062475GDIPlus: monochrome paint nodes can appear with wrong color78656
062499Using the Connect/Combine tool on arc and polygons can sometimes results in extra polygons.78605
062501Using the Connect/Combine tool can sometimes crash Vectorworks.78605
0625582D Reshape Tool fails to move center facet on a poly correctly w/ shift key down78562
062719Crash when opening a referenced layer from the Edit Design Layer Viewport dialog.78905