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Designer 2009 Downloads:



Download Description


Vectorworks 2009 Plant Database Update


This download will update the plant database for all Landmark and Designer customers. The update adds additional plant information, including plants from Monrovia Growers. The update applies to both Macintosh and Widows operating systems.

Instructions: Download and unzip the archive. Follow the instructions in the enclosed readme file to navigate to your current plant database. Back up your current plant database and update the database file.

Download Update (2 MB) >



Designer 12 Downloads:



Download Description


Location Planning Module


This Module allows the Environmental Designer to create Location Plans and manage a plan's associated data. The Module includes an editable library of Sign Symbols, a new Sign record, a Sign Schedule worksheet, and an editable catalog of Sign types. After you have installed Vectorworks 12, refer to the Location Planning Module installation instructions for complete instruction and documentation.


SketchUp Plug-in (UPDATED 5/02/06)


The plug-in automatically translates SketchUp model geometry and components into Vectorworks floor, walls, roofs faces, and symbols. You can choose to map SketchUp model geometry in three ways: by material, by layer, or by geometry.

Please note: This download is for use with Vectorworks 12.0.0 and 12.0.1 only. (The VW 12.5.0 installer and updater add the SketchUp plug-in and necessary files).

Download PDF Guide How To Import Sketchup Files (PDF file)

Download SketchUp Plug-in Download SketchUp Plug-in for Mac (2.7 MB)

Download SketchUp Plug-in Download SketchUp Plug-in for Win (2.4 MB)