Designer Benefits

Realize your most inspired visions with Vectorworks Designer. After all, you inspired its design. It's flexible, so you have the freedom to design the way you want. It's versatile, so you can create, model, and present easily and precisely with one application. It's intuitive, so it works the way you think. It’s a smart investment that’s affordable, customer-focused, and proven worldwide.

Flexible: Enjoy the freedom to design the way you want
Vectorworks Designer software you're not limited to a prescribed workflow, so you have the freedom to design in your own way. Incorporate your existing approach to design to make the best use of the skills you already have in-house. Collaborate seamlessly with other people and with other software applications.

Versatile: Create, Model, and Present with one application
Move easily between tasks. From design concepts to construction documentation and every phase in between, Vectorworks Designer marries precision drafting and flexible modeling with state-of-the-art technology. Create, model, and present easily and precisely with one application. With the Vectorworks Designer software, you can do it all.

Intuitive: Work the way you think
Easy-to-use Interface and Drafting Tools
Do what you like to do best—design. You won't waste time getting up to speed because the software's simple, customizable interface and what-you-see-is-what-you-get display make it easier to learn and use than standard CAD applications. Vectorworks' SmartCursor technology replaces manual drafting tools, so even inexperienced CAD users can make the switch easily..

Smart: Make a good investment in yourself
Affordable, customer-focused, and proven as the tool of choice for 450,000 designers worldwide—Vectorworks software is a smart investment in you.