Vectorworks Social Responsibility Statement

Nemetschek Vectorworks is taking on an ever-increasing role in embracing environmentally friendly practices to reduce our carbon footprint. We realize that preserving the environment is affecting our customers more and more each day and have joined you in your preservation efforts.

In 2008, we launched an initiative to decrease our overall volume of professionally printed materials and increase our electronic delivery of information. As one important step in this process, we increased our use of papers certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and material with recycled content. This eco-friendly approach not only supports responsible forest management and practices that respect human rights and social standards, but it also minimizes habitat destruction, and reduces air and water pollution. We have also increased our use of vegetable-based inks and wind power in our professionally printed materials. While some of our materials still require printing, we deliver electronic materials as often as possible.

Packaging Materials
One of our largest changes as part of this initiative was in how we produce the packaging to ship Vectorworks products. Therefore, much of our packaging solution is recyclable. For example, all paper and board used to construct the box for our next-generation products is untreated and recyclable. The only non-recyclable component is the protective, laminated wrap. We will continue to work with our vendors on an ongoing basis to explore eco-friendly ways of delivering and packaging our materials.

Previously, we printed the software guides for Vectorworks products, totaling more than 2,000 pages in length and requiring a large shipping box and lots of paper. Since 2008, we've provided such software guides exclusively online and in two formats for users' convenience—as PDFs and via an integrated online help system.

Today, PDFs of our product guides are available in the help system table of contents under the PDF Files section. They can also be accessed from the VWHelp folder in the root Vectorworks program application folder (or sent to an online print vendor via the root location, if desired).

Our comprehensive, searchable online help system can be accessed from the Help menu in Vectorworks software or by pressing the appropriate function key for context-sensitive help. This change has allowed us to save a significant number of trees and provides our users with quick access to the help they need, and in the manner that suits them best.

Marketing Collateral
In the past, we printed our product brochures and mailed them to clients who were considering using Vectorworks software. The product brochures are now provided as downloadable PDFs on the website and as PDFs within several of our multi-media pieces.

Finally, in addition to changing our delivery methods for software guides and product brochures, we're relying more and more on electronic delivery for many of our marketing materials.

At a minimum, Nemetschek Vectorworks estimates that our 2008 initiative decreased our carbon footprint and environmental impact by the statistics provided below. In some cases, we will still need to print materials for distribution. However, our commitment to being environmentally conscious will continue, and we will rely on vegetable-based inks and specify the use of FSC-certified paper with recycled content when possible.

Wood use: 251 tons
Net energy: 2,033 million BTUs not expended
Greenhouse gases: 399,985 pounds CO2 not released
Wastewater: 1,510,882 gallons not produced
Solid waste: 129,792 pounds not created *Impact estimates based on research by the Environmental Defense Fund