Vision Pro

Vision Pro is the most technologically advanced lighting pre-visualization software available on the market.  Any lighting project will benefit from Vision Pro’s real-time capabilities, giving the lighting designers the tools necessary to pre-program the show before arriving at the venue.  This process will reduce stress, on-site time, and production costs while nurturing creativity. Creating a lighting model is a SNAP with ESP's custom lighting plug-ins. Each purpose-built plug-in is designed to streamline the modeling process.  All fixture functions, such as gobo and color wheel rolls, prism effects, beam angles, head speeds, gobo and color wheel rotation speeds, and beam photometric data, have been carefully reviewed for accuracy.  Vision Pro also supports Hog-Net, MA_Net (1 and 2), and Artnet, providing support for all modern DMX-based lighting consoles.  Whether you use a Mac or are a Windows PC user, Vision Pro can accommodate your system requirements.

Vision Pro

Compatibility: Mac | Win; Vectorworks 2015 2014

  • Designer
  • Spotlight
  • Renderworks

Company: ZZYZX, Inc. ESP Vision

Telephone: 888-646-4223 x3




Professional: $750.00 per universe of control