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SoftGoods 2

SoftGoods 2 is a tool used to create Hybrid models of straight and curved curtains, borders, and pipe-and-drape runs - either from-scratch or based on existing geometry.

 Key tool features:

• Models can be single straight or arc segments or follow intricate paths.

• Defining, resizing and reshaping curtains is as easy as manipulating Control Points or making adjustments in the Vectorworks Object Info Palette.

• Aspects such as curtain heights, openings, track visibility, and pleat sizing are adjustable on-the-fly.

• Opaque single-color curtains, models with easily-mapped images, scrims, and multi-color pipe-and-drape panels are easily created.

• Kabuki solenoid (or, automation node) placements can be easily calculated and displayed.

• Models of pipe-and-drape runs use stock and custom slider sizes, have various hardware visibility settings, and allow users to track part counts.

• All appropriate model elements are automatically textured.

• A plethora of information can be tracked for use in Reports and Worksheets and on drawings.

• Object parts can be automatically assigned to Classes, allowing users to control element visibility and/or to control graphic attributes by-Class.

Compatibility: Mac | Win; Vectorworks 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012
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Company: Landru Design
Telephone: 615-874-8936

US $24.00