3D MODEL TO PRINT (3DMTP) is cloud based software as a service that quickly and accurately converts 3D files into 3D printable files. 3DMTP provides automated solutions for designs that contain geometric and structural issues; which are time consuming to fix using traditional modeling tools.

3DMTP creates an STL or WRL file from Vectorworks. 3DMTP also repairs existing STLs or WRLs making them all 3D printable.  At the core of the 3DMTP technology is its ability to precisely set minimum thicknesses to all or selected parts of a scaled model file. This minimum thickness parameter assures that all entities of the model will successfully print on the selected 3D printer.

In addition to fixing the geometry, 3DMTP has the ability to section and splice files for the purpose of viewing details or creating sections.

THE 3DMTP FULL SERVICE PORTAL allows for secure upload of 3D design files and provides easy submission of 3D files for processing. Once processed, notification will be sent to download STL or WRL files for use on your 3D printer.




Compatibility: Mac | Win; Vectorworks 2014 2013

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Company: 3DMTP USA in association with Direct Dimensions, Inc.

Telephone: 410-998-0880 ext. 111

Email: info@3dmtpusa.com

Website: http://www.3dmtpusa.com


Pricing varies depending on the size and complexity of your 3D printing modeling needs. For a free quote and consultation on projects, please contact 3DMTP.