Vectorworks Architect provides Building Information Modeling (BIM) capabilities that offer a true increase in productivity.
Unlike other BIM programs, Vectorworks Architect does not limit you to a certain workflow. You can easily work in 2D using your existing CAD standards, design in 3D with free-form surface and solids modeling tools, or merge 2D and 3D in Vectorworks hybrid design. And, with support for IFCs, your BIM projects can be easily moved downstream to others involved in the building process.
BIM Projects
On this page, you’ll find several projects that demonstrate best practices and practical applications of BIM with Vectorworks software.
Green Projects
We provide tools to help you achieve sustainability through design. Check out these examples of energy-efficient, eco-friendly buildings designed with Vectorworks software.
Open BIM & Vectorworks
We support Open BIM, the universal approach to the collaborative design, realization, and operation of buildings based on open standards and workflows.