BIM Articles

Industry-Wide National BIM Standard: A Progress Report
Check out this article by Chuck Eastman, Manu Venugopal, and Shiva Aram from the Georgia Institute of Technology on how the National BIM Standard is progressing.

Designer's BIM: Vectorworks Architect keeps design at the center of BIM process:
Read this Laiserin Letter which highlights Vectorworks Architect as "Designer's BIM." Here's an excerpt: "Every architect and design firm struggling with the transition to BIM, or contemplating starting on the journey to the BIM approach owes it to themselves—and their core design values—to give serious consideration to Vectorworks Architect from Nemetschek North America."

An Introduction to the IPD Workflow for Vectorworks BIM Users:
Many architects and architectural designers, particularly those with governmental or institutional clients, are being asked to “deliver BIM”.

This directive can lead to a good deal of anxiety, and also some confusion, because more often than not, neither the client nor the practitioner understands what is being sought with this request. Is “BIM” a file format, a 3D model, or a way of doing business? What are the legal and contractual implications of “doing BIM”? And, most importantly, how can the practitioner properly respond to (and satisfy) the client who wants a BIM delivery?

This paper is intended to answer those questions , as well as introduce BIM users to an additional opportunity to design, build, and operate as efficiently as possible: the concept of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD).

Parasolid & BIM:
Read this whitepaper detailing the importance of Vectorworks 2009, featuring the Parasolid modeling kernal, to Building Information Modeling.

BIM in the Real World:
Listen to a narrative of a presentation by Robert Anderson, vice president of integrated products, about how Vectorworks Architect fits in to our view of BIM.

Vectorworks: A BIM Application Tuned for Architectural Design
Read this white paper by Robert Anderson, vice president of integrated products, addressing how Vectorworks ARCHITECT is adept at being a flexible, comprehensive design tool for the Architect in the context of the discussion of BIM.

A Vectorworks User's BIM Case Study:
Watch a video presentation by Vectorworks user Francois Levy on how he integrates Vectorworks into his BIM and Sustainable design workflow. (Please note this presentation is approximately 40 minutes in length.)


For more information about BIM in general, consider the following resources:

The IFC Building Model: A Look Under the Hood by Lachmi Khemlani, Ph.D.

To BIMfinity and Beyond! by Jerry Laiserin

Cost Analysis of Inadequate Interoperability in the U.S. Capital Facilities Industry, sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)