Green Projects


Simple Ecological Planning – with Vectorworks

Today's clients often ask for more than an appealing design; they also want their buildings to be eco-friendly and sustainable. The following projects created with Vectorworks software - themselves merely a small selection among countless examples - show how the two go hand in hand.


NYC Subway Goes Solar
For the largest above-ground station in the New York City subway system, Brooklyn's Kiss + Cathcart architects designed an innovative panelized construction system of semi-transparent photovoltaic modules to generate solar energy. Show More

Ecologic Campus
For the local Red River College Campus, Corbett Cibinel Architects in Winnipeg, Canada designed a sustainable concept for a new learning centre on a brownfield site. Show More

Green Building in the Botanic Garden
Sydney's Kennedy Associates Architects' goal was to set the benchmark for future buildings on the estate at the Botanic Garden in Sydney and to provide a unique multi-function facility, which meets high standards in terms of ecological sustainability within a very modest budget. Show More

Sustainability Pays Off
A new resource-efficient building was constructed for Darmstadt Technical University based on the designs of the Stuttgart architects Knoche. In January 2009, the design was awarded the German Sustainable Building Certification. Show More

Eco-Campus in Japan
Energy-efficient buildings and carefully planned green spaces make the Sagamihara Campus of Aoyama Gakuin University near Tokyo a veritable “Eco-Campus”. In comparison to a plan without such measures, CO2 emissions were reduced by more than one fifth. Show More

Hawaii Preparatory Academy's Energy Laboratory
The Hawaii Preparatory Academy's Energy Laboratory provides students a living lab to learn about alternative energy and sustainability. The project has also won the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Honolulu 2010 Award of Excellence. Show Less

Hawaii Preparatory Academy’s Energy Laboratory
Award-winning firm Flansburgh Architects put its philosophy “that well-designed buildings can improve the quality of our lives” to work on the Big Island of Hawaii in the design of Hawaii Preparatory Academy’s Energy Laboratory. The firm designed this 9,000-square-foot science facility with the goals of meeting the Living Building Challenge and achieving LEED Platinum certification. Conceived as a living lab where students can learn about alternative energy and sustainability from studying the building itself, the Energy Lab generates all its power from wind and photovoltaic sources, collects and filters its drinking water and wastewater, and uses radiant cooling instead of conventional air conditioning. Flansburgh used Vectorworks software in the creation of the project schematic, the design development, and the construction documents.

The project has already won several awards, including the 2010 Excellence in Sustainable Design and Development Award–Honor Award for Integrated Design/Integrated Development, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Honolulu 2010 Award of Excellence, and the AIA Honolulu 2010 Jack C. Lipman Member’s Choice Award


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Passive House Complex by Seutin Architectes
At the end of 2011 the residence "Bois de Coquelet" near Bouge, Belgium, was finished. This design for 28 passive houses by Seutin Architectes was nominated for the Belgian Prize for Architecture and Energy 2011. Show More